PDF software options - PDFCandy/PDFCreator/Adobe Acrobat


So you're looking at  PDF products.  The question you need to answer, is what are they trying to do? And do you want or need to spend $$$?

So let's get right to your next question.... The short answer is NO, the district doesn’t have any licenses for Adobe Acrobat for Teachers/Admins to use.  Schools have to purchase individual seat licenses for that if they have to have Adobe Acrobat  

However, depending on your answer to the question above depends on which option works best.

  • Trying to edit a pdf but need it in Word first?
  • Needing to make a fillable form?
  • Required to encrypt the pdf with a password due to FERPA/HIPPA rules?


There are three options

  • PDFCandy Option#1 – PDFCandy - https://pdfcandy.com/
    • Handles - Basic conversion of word to PDF and PDF to word, passwords, editing text, removing specific pages, and lots of other functionality, etc.
    • They can simply use PDF candy in ClassLink – its free and I pushed it out there for everyone out to their ClasLink.  Just don’t use it to encrypt/password sensitive student FERPA or HIPPA data,
      • Technically their privacy policy states all submitted data is deleted from their server that you send up within 1 hr. from upload, but we do not have an official security agreement so NO FERPA/HIPPA type data should be sent to PDF candy

PDF Candy Website Screenshot


  • Option #2PDF Creator/PDF Architect
    • Available in SCCM.  Free and does the functionality of Acrobat, but if they want it for password protection, it requires the user set up an encryption profile to do so, but allows users to password sensitive Student FERPA/HIPPA data without sending that data offsite to a 3rd
    • Instructions on how to set up the Password Profile in PDF Creator to be able to set passwords on PDF's
    • The only downside is being free, it LOVES to use the bottom right corner of your screen to show offers and upgrade ads and can get annoying sometimes. 
    • A little bit of a learning curve and not as clean and straightforward as Adobe Acrobat, but it’s got what it needs

PDF Architect & PDF Creator screen


Acrobat XI Pro screen

 Adobe Acrobat