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School Safety

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  • FortifyFL is a suspicious activity reporting tool that allows you to instantly relay information to appropriate law enforcement agencies and school officials.


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Safe School

  • Leon County School’s Safe Schools Statement

     Pursuant to federal law, students may not be denied a public education. As such, Leon County Schools is committed to providing a world class education in a safe environment for all students--regardless of immigration status.

     LCS administrators will continue to enforce Board Policy 5540 in relation to non-DCF law enforcement investigations involving students on campus. This policy requires parents’ consent in order to provide access to students unless there is a warrant or an exigent/emergency circumstance such as an investigation involving a missing child.

     LCS counselors have been trained to provide support for students and families who may be impacted by changes to federal law. The safety and security of all our students will continue to be our top priority.  

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    About completing the Learn-at-Home packets

    Annotating the Packet/Completing Electronically

    • Although it is a little bit clunky, most of the blanks on these worksheets can be filled in electronically using the free Adobe Reader application. There is a video on our school Learn-at-Home website that demonstrates how to do this in Adobe Reader. Here is a direct link to the video.
      • The tools featured in the video are available in the free Adobe Reader app. You do not need the paid version, Adobe Acrobat, because you’re just typing on top of the blanks as opposed to editing the underlying PDF (which is a paid feature).
      • Most computers do not open PDFs in Adobe Reader by default anymore. Macs open them in Preview and Windows 10 opens them in Edge. You will need to download and install Adobe Reader and set it as your default PDF viewer:
      • Be sure to save the worksheet after you type in your answers.


    Writing Answers without Printing

    • Students also have the option to reference the packet on a computer or tablet, and then record their answers on a separate sheet of notebook paper. Please make an effort to clearly label which question you are answering.

    Just hold on to your answer sheets and we’ll send more information regarding submitting them soon. You will not need a printer or traditional scanner in order to submit your work, even if it is done on level REMIND. 

    We will be using Microsoft Teams as our digital learning platform. Students should log into Classlink and click on the Teams tile to get familiar with the system.

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