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School Hours

  • Main Office Hours: 7:00 - 3:30

    School Hours: 7:30 - 1:50

Communicating via Focus

  • We use Focus to:

    1. Make automated phone calls when your child is absent.
    2. Send emails with important school news and information.
    3. (not available yet) Send text alerts.

    You can use Focus to:

    1. See grades, attendance, test scores, report cards & more.
    2. Set up alerts, like if a class average falls below a certain mark.
    3. Send a message to your child's teachers.

    The above can only happen if:

    1. You have linked your Focus account to each of your children.
    2. Your contact email address is accurate.
    3. Your contact phone number is accurate.

    For help or questions call the school or click here

School Phone Numbers

  • Main Office          850.617.4700

    Attendance          850.617.4727

    Guidance             850.617.4738

Quick Links

District Safety

Nondiscrimination Notice

  • “No person shall on the basis of sex, gender identity, marital status, sexual orientation, race, religion, ethnicity, national origin, age, color, pregnancy, disability, military status or genetic information be denied employment, receipt of services, access to or participation in school activities or programs if qualified to receive such services, or otherwise be discriminated against or placed in a hostile environment in any educational program or activity including those receiving federal financial assistance, except as provided by law.” No person shall deny equal access or a fair opportunity to meet to, or discriminate against, any group officially affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America, or any other youth group listed in Title 36 of the United States Code as a patriotic society.

    An employee, student, parent, or applicant alleging discrimination with respect to employment, or any educational program or activity may contact:

    Tonja Fitzgerald, Divisional Director
    Equity Compliance Officer (Students)
    Leon County School District
    2757 West Pensacola Street
    Tallahassee, Florida 32304
    (850) 487-7309

    Wallace Knight, Director
    Equity Compliance Officer (Employees)
    Title IX Compliance Officer
    Leon County School District
    2757 West Pensacola Street
    Tallahassee, Florida 32304
    (850) 487-7210

    A student or parent alleging discrimination as it relates to Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act may contact:

    Jennifer Benton, 504 Specialist
    504 Specialist
    (850) 487-7317



Student Enrollment

  • OoA Logo  Looking to get your student enrolled?
    Contact your zoned schools Enrollment Liaison

    Thank you for choosing Leon County Schools. The Office of Admissions is our centralized location to help parents/guardians through the process of enrolling your child into your local zoned school. Our Office of Admissions website will allow you to find all the necessary information and requirements you will need to get your student properly enrolled quickly!

    Have some questions you would like to ask the local school staff. See the schools Admissions Liaison contact info below

Enrollment Questions?

    • TBA
      Admissions Liason

Mental Health Resources

  • Mental Health Awareness RibbonThe School District of Leon County recognizes that Mental Health encompasses social, emotional, and behavioral health and the ability to cope with life’s challenges. LCS’s mental health initiatives consist of a continuum of supports for student mental health wellness inclusive of school-based mental health service providers and community-based mental health professionals. Please visit the LCS Mental Health webpage to explore an assortment of supports for students and families to ensure success.



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