What is the New Worlds Reading Initiative?

  • Every child deserves the opportunity to experience new worlds and achieve their full potential!

    The New Worlds Reading Initiative is a FREE Florida literacy program that will:

    • Mail a new book to each eligible enrolled K-5 grade student in Florida each month for free
    • Help students build a personalized library based on their interests
    • Provide families with practical, supporting materials that build reading confidence
    • Reinforce the science of reading techniques used by highly trained reading teachers
    • Support each student to successfully launch their reading skills and develop a love of reading

    Program Eligibility

    • Florida K-5 public or district-sponsored charter school student
      that is currently reading below grade level

      Not sure if your child is reading below grade level? Contact your child’s teacher or the school for additional information and enrollment procedures.

    Thanks to the support and investment of the Florida Legislature, this statewide book delivery program is a collaborative effort with the Florida Department of Education, school districts, and other local and state organizations, and the University of Florida Lastinger Center. Don't miss the chance to discover more about the New Worlds Reading Initiative.

New World Reading Initiative

District Point of Contact


    District Contact 

    Jean Pepe




  • What is the contact information for the New Worlds Reading Initiative?

  • Who is the lead administrator of the New Worlds Reading Initiative?


  • What students are eligible to participate in the New Worlds Reading Initiative?

  • Can a student become ineligible for the New Worlds Reading Initiative?

  • Are students in private and charter schools eligible to participate in the program?


  • How do eligible students/families enroll to participate in the New Worlds Reading Initiative?

  • When does enrollment begin?

  • What information will families have to provide when they enroll?

  • What information should the district collect internally for eligible students?

  • How will student information be protected?

Book Delivery

  • How will the books be delivered to students?

  • How will books be delivered to homeless/migrant/transient students?

  • When will books start being delivered?

  • How often will books be delivered?

  • How many books will students receive?

  • What kinds of books will be available?

  • Will students and families get to choose their own books?

  • Will books be available in languages other than English?

  • Will books be available in other formats (e.g., Braille) to accommodate exceptional learners?

  • How will you determine the appropriate level of books for students?

Last Modified on November 16, 2021