ESOL - English for Speakers of Other Languages

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    Welcome students from around the world!  The ESOL program is governed by State laws that comply with the Consent Decree, the legal framework for provision of services to students who speak a language other than English.  Students are identified upon registration at their zoned school, and after initial screening on an English proficiency test. 

    Leon County Schools (LCS) serves approximately 1000 English Language Learners (ELLs).  About 40 different languages are spoken by these students with the most dominant being Spanish, Swahili, Arabic, Korean, Vietnamese and Chinese.  LCS inclusion model places ELL students in regular classes with teachers who receive ESOL training.  The progress of each ELL student is monitored by an ESOL administrator and an ESOL coordinator. 

    Each school has ELL Committee that meets to resolve and decide on any issues as the students adjust to their new language and culture.  Parents may request a meeting of the ELL Committee at any time and are involved in all aspects of the process.  ELL progress toward English proficiency is assessed annually using a state-wide standardized proficiency test called the ACCESS for ELLs. 

    We welcome community and parent support. Please contact your school for ways to get involved. 

ESOL Contacts

    Althoria Pickett
    ESOL Coordinator, Professional Learning
    Shane Syfrett
    Director, Professional Learning