TIS Projects

Title Description Implementation Hyperlink Status Updated
On-line On Boarding System Automation of the LCS employment on-boarding process through the use of the FileBound system. 2020/12/30 Active 1/17/20
Public Records Request System On-line system for requesting, tracking, and providing requested information to the public. JustFOIA was selected as the system. 2020/4/2 Active 1/21/20
Disaster Recovery - ADFS in Cloud Place ADFS and redundant DNS in the cloud to provide connectivity to District systems due to the loss of primary connectivity in District Data Center. 2020/5/1 Active 1/17/20
Upgrade schools to high density wireless Ensure all schools have at least one Wireless Access Point in every classroom to support the use of wireless student devices in every classroom. This is schedule to be a two year implementation with elementary schools in the first year and all remaining schools in the second year. 2020/7/1 Active 8/29/18
Filebound and Workflow Automation (Upland) Document and workflow management system. This system will be used to provide easy retrieval of documents and automation of work flow processes. This is a multi year project with many anticipated sub-projects. 2020/8/1 Active 1/17/19
Last Modified on February 27, 2023