The Leon County School Board surplus property sale has been postponed due to "inventory season" at the LCS sites.  

    For more information, please call Ernest J. Lane (850) 717-2201.

Property Management

  • The Property Management Department is responsible for the pick-up, removal, storage, and disposal of all district furniture, equipment, technology and assets. Also handles the furniture and equipment removal from schools and departments. This operation conducts surplus sales as well as the auctions for the larger equipment and vehicles. 

    Property tagging of assets is required by Florida Statute and Board Policy. Current Board Policy requires tagging of non-consumable items exceeding $1,000 in value.

     Asset Management

    • Classifies, ID tags, inventories and retires asset items (furniture, equipment, technology, etc.) with a value of $1,000 or more at each school and administrative department.

    • Monitors over 38,000 items with a value of over $82,000,000. 

    • Retires on average over $1,000,000 worth of inventory per year.

    • Pick-up, removal, storage and disposal of all district furniture and equipment.

    • Handles all furniture and equipment removal between schools and administrative departments.

    • Resolves discrepancies with schools/departments to insure accurate inventory.

    • Conducts 100% inventory in accordance with Florida Statute every two years.


  • Michael R. Moore
    Director II
    Property Management and Materials & Stores
    3360 W. Tharpe Street
    Gary Gayle
    Project Manager
    - Property Management Office
    - Inventory
    - Pick Ups/Transfers
    - Warehouse Operations
    - Recycling
    - GovDeals
    - Public Sales
    - Property Tagging
    - Surplus Items and Sales
    - Fleet Operations
    3374 W. Tharpe Street
    Ernest J. Lane
    Project Manager
    - Materials & Stores Warehouse Operations
    - Document Register
    - Board Docs
    - Property Tagging
    - Support Staff Supervison
    3374 W. Tharpe Street
    Roderick Murphy
    Production Control Specialist
    - Materials and Stores Inventory
    - District and U.S. Mail
    - Warehouse Daily Operations
    - Fleet Operations
    3360 W. Tharpe Street
    850-922-0657 ext. 24
    Amy Bailey
    - Human Resources
    - Payroll/Leave
    - Finance
    3360 W. Tharpe Street
    850-488-7462 ext. 25

Inventory Control Presentation

Last Modified on May 22, 2020