LCS 2020 Night of Celebration

Dedicated to excellence in education

2019 - 2020 Honorees

  • Adult and Community Education  

    Regina Browning, Principal

    Heather Beasley, SRE

    Regina Browning, GH

    Charles Greenwell, Retiree

    Travis Jones, TOY

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  • Apalachee Tapestry Magnet School of the Arts

    Jennifer Ricardo, Principal 

    Sharon Bradwell, SRE 

    Russell Gardner, Retiree 

    Shayla Lightfoot-Brown, GH

    Kimberly McKiernan, TOY

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  • Astoria Park Elementary School 

    David Solz, Principal

    Lenore Locascio, Retiree

    Beth Ray, TOY

    Linda Sessions, SRE - Finalist

     Kimberly Sherman, GH - Finalist

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  • Augusta Raa Middle School

    Dr. Christopher Small, Principal

    Derrick Marin Jr., GH

    Robbin Paul, SRE

    Trikia White, TOY - Winner

    Elie Williams, Jr, Retiree

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  • Bond Elementary School

    Delshauna Jackson, Principal 

    Alice Bates, Retiree

    Andre Farquharson, SRE

    Shenita Grayson, TOY

    Marlene Mio, Retiree

    Marion Phillips, Retiree

    Kerrian Washington, GH

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  • Buck Lake Elementary School 

    Elizabeth Calhoun, GH

    Billy Millard, Principal

     Candace Duclos, TOY

    Patricia LaPete, Retiree

    Gregory McNair, SRE 

    Brenda Olschlager, GH

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  • Canopy Oaks Elementary School

    Paul Lambert, Principal

    Jake Harai, GH

    Patricia Hooper, Retiree

    Laura Joanos, Retiree

    Tracy Malone, SRE

    Holly Pursino, TOY

    Debra Raze, Retiree

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  • Chaires Elementary School

    Michele Prescott, Principal

    Janeen Hall, GH

    Dasmine Henderson, SRE

    Nancy Long, TOY

    Julianne Thompson, Retiree

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  • Chiles High School

    Joe Burgess, Principal

    Renaldo Davis, GH

    James Sparrazza, Retiree

    Paige Tekel, TOY

     Jeanne Tucker, Retiree

     Lamont Williams, SRE

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  • Cobb Middle School

    Sarah Hembree, Principal

    Cynthia Osborne, TOY

    Casey Yu, GH

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  • Conley Elementary School at SouthWood

    Jason Koerner, Principal

    Elizabeth Calhoun, GH

    Meghan Dawkins, TOY

    Pam Jameson, Retiree

    Joia Jefferson, SRE

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  • Deerlake Middle School

    Steve Mills, Principal

    Bobby Angry, GH

    Amber Floyd, SRE

    J. Travis Lightfoot, TOY

    Paula Miller, Retiree

    Susan Snyder, Retiree

    Barbara Watkins, Retiree

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  • DeSoto Trail Elementary School

     Michele Keltner, Principal

    Janet Childers, TOY

    Tonya Davis, SRE

    Peter Marti, GH

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  • Early Childhood Programs

    Brooke Brunner, Director

    Gwynn Butler, Retiree

     Barbara Cherry, Retiree

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  • Exceptional Student Education

    Dr. T. Alan Cox, Asst. Superintendent

    Connie Haverty, Retiree

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  • Facilities

    Danny Allbritton, Director

    Caron Grow, Retiree

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  • Fairview Middle School

     Rusty Edwards, Principal

    Lee Cameron, TOY

    George Eckerle, Retiree

    Martha Kisiah, Retiree

    Richard Kitchen, Retiree

    Nancy Narvaez-Garcia, GH

    Alvin White, SRE

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    Eydie Tricquet, Director

    Robin Petrick, Retiree

    Elizabeth Williams, Retiree

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  • Financial Services

    Kim Banks, CFO

    Janice Wonsch, Retiree


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  • Fort Braden (K-8) School

    Jimbo Jackson, Principal

    Katie Bennett, TOY

    Michele Pletch, GH

    Karen Willett, SRE

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  • Frank Hartsfield Elementary School

    Dr. Rhonda Flanagan, Principal

    Wendy Davis, Retiree             

    Tyrone Givens, RetireeRetiree              

    Tasha Jackson, SRE

    Erica Jenkins, TOY

    Robin Krause, Retiree       

    Mary Jo Peltier, GH - Finalist

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  • Gilchrist Elementary School

    Scotty Crowe, Principal

    Rachel Cannady, SRE

    Mary Chapman, Retiree

    George Edwards, Jr, Retiree

    Geenel Moore, GH

    Allison Richards, TOY

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  • Godby High School

    Desmond Cole, Principal

    Susan Barrineau, TOY

    Wendy Chan, GH - Finalist

    Brownell Ellis, Retiree

    Kathryn Thomas, SRE

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  • Gretchen Everhart School

    Jane Floyd-Bullen, Principal

    Latoya Montgomery, GH

    Henrietta Pieszchala, SRE - Finalist

    Jacklyn Pittman, Retiree

    Brenda Rice, TOY

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  • Griffin Middle School

    Zelena O’Banner, Principal

    Marilyn Bently-Carter, Retiree

    Ronald Lang, Retiree

    Nikki Nicolas, TOY

    Lester Thomas, SRE

    Sandra Wilkerson, GH

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  • Hawks Rise Elementary School

    Evy Friend, Principal

    Debra Dawson, Retiree

    Arlene Drye, Retiree

    Evelyn Friend, Retiree

    Eddie Golden, Retiree

    Barry Hoff, SRE

    Brittany Hutto, TOY

    Shacoby Ingram, GH

    Maryanne Smiley, Retiree

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  • Heritage Trails Community School

    Amy Alvis, Site Administrator

    Brittany Ford, SRE

    Moses Johnson, TOY

    Fedrick Mondelus, GH

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  • Human Resources

    Deana McAllister, Asst. Superintendent

    Sue Christie, Retiree

    Fedrick Mondelus, GH

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  • Kate Sullivan Elementary School

    Michael Bryan, Principal

    Tina Davis, Retiree

    Gia Gallon, GH

    Caitlyn Maloney, TOY

    Donna Mann, Retiree

    Brandon Wallace, SRE

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  • Killearn Lakes Elementary School

    Brenda Wagner, Principal

    Gregory Brown, Retiree

    Sherri Brown, Retiree

    Sherry M. Lawrance, TOY - Finalist

    Karen Parsons, Retiree

    Tameka Rumph, GH

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  • Leon County Virtual School

    Jessica Lowe, Principal

    Freda Jackson, SRE

    Marie Pujols, Lopez, TOY

    Kelly Pagan, GH

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  • Leon High School

    Billy Epting, Principal

    Laurice Anderson, Retiree

    Kenneth Brown, Retiree

    Matthew Guyton, Retiree

    Elaine Nicoloso, Retiree

    Arthur Skelly, Jr, Retiree

    Josh Stewart, TOY - Finalist


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  • Lincoln High School

    Dr. Allen Burch, Principal

    Scott Blanche, Retiree

    Lance Lee, Retiree

    Melissa Melnicoff, GH

    Virginia Orsillo, TOY

    Mica Walker, SRE

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  • Lively Technical College

    Shelly Bell, Director

    Jason Belcher, GH

    Jeanette Brewers, Retiree

    Randy Free, Retiree

    Patti Mailhot, TOY

    Curtis Richardson, Retiree

    James Strickland Jr., SRE

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  • Maintenance

    Butch Watkins, Director

    John Charles, Retiree

    George Gleaton, Retiree

    Walter Mickens, Retiree

    Michael Rines, Retiree

    William Roberts, Retiree

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  • Montford Middle School

    Lewis Blessing, Principal

    Amber Kristian, SRE

    Joyce Madsen, TOY - Finalist

    Whitney Usina, GH

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  • Oak Ridge Elementary School

    Dr. Jasmine Smith, Principal

    Tyrice Earl, SRE

    Dwanna Moore, TOY

    Jasmine Smith, GH - Winner

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  • Pineview Elementary School

    Carmen Conner, Principal

    Mary Baker, Retiree

    Joni Hartsfield, Retiree

    Karlisa Johnson, TOY

    Tracy Nash, GH

    Shawnchine Tinson, SRE

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  • R. Frank Nims Middle School

    Dr. Benny Bolden, Principal

    Benny Bolden, GH - Finalist

    Kelsey Boyer, TOY

    Elizabeth Graham, Retiree

    James Love, Retiree

    Timothy Williams, SRE

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  • Rickards High School

    Doug Cook, Principal

    Samuel Hayes, Retiree

    Jacquelyn Henderson, Retiree

    Robert McBride, GH

    Gregory Perkins, SRE

    Roosevelt Sea, TOY

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  • Riley Elementary School

    April Knight, Principal

    Cherdwontreze Daniels, GH

    April Hill, TOY

    Daisy Smith, SRE - Finalist

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  • Risk Management

    Janet Heath, Retiree

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  • Roberts Elementary School

    Kim McFarland, Principal

    Angeleen Harry, TOY

    Deitra Kemmer, Retiree

    Erma Sever, GH

    Felicia Wilson, SRE


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  • Ruediger Elementary School

    Sally Stephens, Principal

    Amanda Atkins, GH

    Catherine Johnson, SRE

    Caitlyn Payberg, TOY

    Thomas Rollins, Retiree

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  • Sabal Palm Elementary School

    Anicia Robinson, Principal

    Tamika Brown, GH

    Sheila Rains, SRE - Winner

    Valerie Ramos, TOY

    Judith Volpe, Retiree

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  • SAIL High School

    Tiffany Williams, Principal

    Rob Bell, TOY

    Rosa Cefalu, SRE

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  • School Improvement

    Giselle Marsh, Director

    Zoe Cooper, Retiree

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  • Sealey Elementary Math and Science Magnet School

     Demetria Clemons, Principal

    Rachel Cassidy, TOY

    Ruth Lyle, Retiree

    Kathleen Morgan-Landing, Retiree

    Jamie Morris, Retiree

    Kathryne Pack, Retiree

    Kelly Thompkins, SRE Marlena Wims, GH

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  • Second Chance @ AMI

     Dr. Kelvin Norton, Principal

    Orlando Burch, GH

    Robert Crawford, Retiree

    Eugene Hall, GH

    Myra King, SRE

    Rachelle Navarro, Retiree

    Brenda Scott, TOY

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  • Springwood Elementary School

     Sylvia Myers, Principal

    Brownie Gilbreath, SRE

    LeeAnn Hewett, TOY - Finalist

    Danielle Vaughn, GH

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  • Success Academy

    Dr. Kelvin Norton, Principal

    Eva Ashmore, Retiree

    Tina Brown, Retiree

    Renae Brown, SRE

    Deshiba Clay, TOY

    Laura-Nicole Houston, GH

    Roxanne Reilly, Retiree

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  • Swift Creek Middle School

     Sue Rishell, Principal

    Kristina Campbell, SRE

    Bryan Howard, TOY

    Kathryn McCoy, Retiree

    Elizabeth Patterson, GH

    Beverly Touchton, Retiree

    Tracey Tripp, Retiree

    Mary Beth Williams, Retiree

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  • Technology & Information Services

     Bill Nimmons, Director

    Lee Allen, Retiree

    Michael Fraser, Retiree

    Linda Kinlaw, Retiree

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  • Transportation

    James Cole, Interim Director

    Glenn Camp, Retiree

    Julie David, Retiree

    Daisy Jones, Retiree

    Douglas Lundy, Retiree

    Linda Shabazz, Retiree

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  • W.T. Moore Elementary School

    Kerri Anderson, Principal

    Cheryl Finkbeiner, TOY

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  • Woodville (K-8) School

     Dr. Lisa Mehr, Principal

    Hannah Allbritton, SRE

     Virginia Prestia, TOY

    Yvette Thomas, GH

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  • Teacher of the Year

    Trikia White
    Augusta Raa Middle

    Glenn-Howell Distinguished Educator Of The Year

    Dr. Jasmine Smith
    Oak Ridge Elementary

    School Related Employee Of The Year

    Shelia Rains
    Sabal Palm Elementary

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    Sherry M. Lawrance - Finalist
    Killearn Lakes  Elementary School
    Josh Stewart - Finalist

    Leon High School
    Joyce Madsen - Finalist
    William J. Montford, III Middle School
    LeeAnn Hewitt - Finalist
    Springwood Elementary School

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    Kimberly Sherman - Finalist
    Astoria Park Elementary School

    Mary Jo Peltier - Finalist
    Frank Hartsfield Elementary School

    Wendy Chan - Finalist
    Amos P. Godby High School

    Dr. Benny Bolden, Jr. - Finalist
    R. Frank Nims Middle School

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    Linda Sessions - Finalist
    Astoria Park Elementary School
    Henrietta Pieszchala - Finalist
    Gretchen Everhart School
    Kathleen Pester - Finalist
    Killearn Lakes Elementary School
    Daisy Smith - Finalist
    John G. Riley Elementary School

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