Need to migrate to O365/Office from GSuite? We got you!

What do you mean GSuite is going away!??

  • As many have heard or may now know, we will be shutting down access to both DropBox and Google software applications from LCS networks and computers after the 2021-2022 school year. The transition will occur on 7/31/2022.

    This is necessary for a number of reasons including, but not limited to, the following:

    • Improving consistency in our instructional methodology
    • Unifying our teachers and student end-user(s) experience
    • Reducing the # of redundant platforms for students to manage
    • Ensuring the ability to provide effective technological support.
    • Security enhancements
    • MFA enforcement
    • Public records requirements

But O365/Office doesn't have the same programs and functionality that GSuite does....

  • This is a common misconception as there is a direct correlation/crosswalk between practically every app of the two systems and they are rather easily replaced by Microsoft functionality.* 

    *All Google formats have a direct export option to their MS  Office format equivalents

    GSuite Apps crosswalk to MS O365/Office Suite

    Downloading to Office formatProductivity apps:

    • Google Doc = MS/O365 Word
    • Google Slides = MS/O365 PowerPoint
    • Google Sheets = MS/O365 Excel
    • Google Calendar = MS/O365 Outlook
    • Google Gmail = MS/O365 Outlook
    • Google Drive = MS/O365 OneDrive
    • Google Chat/Meet = MS/O365 Teams

    Other Functionality Apps:

    • Google Translator = MS/O365 Translate
    • Google Photos = MS/O365 Photos
    • Google YouTube = MS/O365S Stream
    • Google Authenticator = MS/O365 Authenticator
    • Google Forms = MS/O365 Forms
    • Google Contacts = MS/O365 Contacts
    • Google Chat = MS/O365 Kaizala
    • Google Tasks = MS/O365 ToDo
    • None     = MS/O365 My Study Lite

    Free access to O365/Office Suite for the whole family!!

    All students and employees are able to download and install up to five (5) copies of the full Office suite on ANY of their home computers for use at home.  

    Each student and employee gets their own set of licenses, so 2-3 students in a home = 5-15 licenses.  There should be MORE than enough to handle any quantity of devices any family has at home. See more here –

    Canvas uses O365/MS Office

    Canvas O365

    Canvas File Uploads

    ClassLink use of OneDrive

    (Google &  Dropbox will be disabled in ClassLink in 2021-2022) - The transition will occur on 7/31/2022.

    Clink use of OneDrive



Embedding in Canvas is able to be done multiple ways with O365

  • Basic process would be as follows:


Last Modified on May 18, 2022