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    The Meaning of the National Achievers Logo

    The Pyramid symbolizes achievement.
    The Black Silhouette of a human being symbolizes the unbroken chain of Africans to African-Americans.
    The Breaking of Chains of Slavery symbolizes both the breaking of the physical bonds of slavery  and the psychological liberation of Black intellect.
    A Hand Reaching for the Stars in the apex of the logo exemplifies the following quote by Dr. Benjamin Mays "It is not a disgrace not to reach the stars, but it is a disgrace to have no stars to reach for."
    The Book symbolizes learning as a liberating experience. 
    The Atomic Symbol in the book represents technology and the future.  Members of the National achievers Society will carry the best that the Black Community has to offer in terms of a contribution to the betterment of the human race. 
     The Basic Tenants Governing All Achievers
    To put forth their best effort in everything they do;
    To believe that it is important to develop civic responsibility  through community service;
    To believe that one person can make a difference;
    To believe that education is the key to success.