• Use of Student Chromebook Agreement

    Chromebook Guidelines

    • The Chromebook that is issued to you is the property of Leon County Schools. It is made available to you as a tool for learning.
    • Like textbooks and other school property, a Chromebook is assigned to the student and MUST be returned to the District at the end of the checkout term or upon withdrawal or transfer.
    • The use of a Chromebook is a privilege that can be revoked. Inappropriate use or neglect of a Chromebook can result in limits to or loss of use of the Chromebook.
    • It is the expectation that students will bring the Chromebook to school each day charged and ready to use.
    • Students are not permitted to alter the configuration or functionality of the Chromebook that has been established by the District.
    • Students are not permitted to tamper with the management profiles/settings on the Chromebook in any way. These are essential for device security and efficient administration of the Chromebook.
    • Students must not leave the Chromebook unattended at any time. While at school, students must follow all school procedures for securing Chromebooks when necessary (athletic activities, etc.).

    Handling and Care of Chromebook

    • Any loss or theft of a Chromebook must be reported to the school immediately, so that recovery efforts can be initiated.
    • Any damages to the Chromebook must be reported to the school for repairs. Students are not permitted to perform repairs on their own or through 3rd-party service providers.
    • Do not permanently mark the Chromebook or Chromebook case in any way.
    • The Chromebook is labeled with a district identification barcode on the back of the device. Do not remove or cover this sticker.
    • The Chromebook must always remain in the district-provided case.
    • Do not insert foreign objects (paperclips, pens, etc.) into the ports (openings) of the Chromebook.
    • Never close the Chromebook with a pencil, pen, marker or other object between the keyboard and the screen.
    • Always open the Chromebook along the edges of the lid. Never place a finger on the screen when opening the lid.
    • Always store your Chromebook in the closed position.
    • Do not leave your Chromebook unattended in a vehicle.
    • Do not use your Chromebook near bodies of water or sand like a pool, lake, river, or beach.
    • Do not leave your Chromebook outside or in extreme high or low temperature environments.
    • Do not eat or drink near the Chromebook.
    • Make sure your hands are clean before using the Chromebook
    • Only use a dry clean soft cloth to gently clean the Chromebook.
    • Never use liquids or spray cleaners on the Chromebook.
    • Be careful when inserting or removing headphones from the audio jack.
    • Be sure to line the charging cable up with the Chromebook when inserting and removing the cable.
    • If you have hardware or software problems with your Chromebook, stop using the device and ask your school’s Computer Technician or a teacher for help.

    Internet Guidelines

    • The LCS Student Network and Acceptable Use policy (7540.03) must always be followed.
    • Any inappropriate web or email activity can result in loss of the Chromebook privilege. The use of proxy servers or VPN apps is strictly forbidden and is a violation of the District’s network policy.
    • The Chromebooks are managed by a centralized management system. The District may remotely change, modify, or otherwise alter device and user settings as needed to meet the educational and safety needs of students.
    • Schools will be using monitoring and management software that will allow them to monitor and restrict content on any Chromebook to ensure efficient and safe instructional use in the classroom.
    • Enforcement of consequences for inappropriate use will be handled as outlined in District Policy and the Student Code of Conduct.

    Student Usage and Interaction Guidelines

    • Always be kind in your communication.
    • Follow all expectations and rules established by your teachers.
    • Keep your username and password to yourself. Never share this information with other students.
    • Follow all internet safety guidelines.
    • Use the laptop for school appropriate assignments and materials.
    • Use your school email for educational purposes. Remember, all emails are archived by the District and may be reviewed if there is a concern.


    • The Chromebook is meant for student use only. It is not meant to be a family computer or to be used by siblings in any way that would compromise access by the student.
    • Parents should monitor the use of the computer at home to ensure that its primary function is academic and that students are completing assigned schoolwork rather than excessive gaming, chatting, etc.
    • As with textbooks, athletic equipment, musical instruments, and other school property parents/guardians are responsible for fees associated with lost or damaged Chromebooks and/or power adapters. Damage to Chromebooks will be assessed as follows:


    Accidental Chromebook Damage 1st Incident $25.00*
    Accidental Chromebook Damage 2nd Incident $50.00*
    Accidental Chromebook Damage 3rd Incident & Beyond Actual Cost
    Lost Chromebook $272.00
    Lost/Damaged Power Adapter $35.00

    *The district reserves the right at its discretion to charge the full repair or replacement amount for any damage deemed to have been intentional.

    Chromebook Acknowledgement**:

    • My student and I have read and will comply with the Leon County Schools Use of Student Chromebook Agreement.
    • I understand that the student may:
      • lose their Chromebook privileges because of inappropriate behavior.
      • be subject to consequences in accordance with the severity of offense as outlined in District Policy and the student code of conduct.
      • be financially responsible for damage, neglect, or avoidable loss to any District issued Chromebook.
    • All items must be returned at the end of the checkout term. I understand that I will be charged for any damage, neglect, or avoidable loss.

    **Parent/Guardian must acknowledge this form in Focus

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