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    The GlobalProtect agent is a software program that runs on your laptop computer or mobile device, protecting you with the same security policies that protect the sensitive resources on your corporate network. You can use the GlobalProtect agent to connect to your corporate network and access your company’s internal resources from anywhere in the world.


    IMPORTANT NOTE!! VPN can ONLY be installed OUTSIDE the LCS network.  If you attempt to access and install the VPN client from inside or while on the LCS network, you will be blocked and unable to access the VPN install program.

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  • New VPN Access Requirements

    As we constantly strive to improve the security of our critical systems, we have a new change that will impact PATS and Liquid Office users who use these systems away from the office. In the past, we allowed any employee access to VPN to work remotely. Unfortunately, in today’s constantly changing security environment, it isn’t safe to do any longer.  The changes implemented will require action from you to access VPN.  This change does NOT impact people applying for jobs using PATS, only staff trying to access PATS or Liquid Office away from the office.


    Effective 2/8/19, all current user accounts to VPN will be deactivated.  If you wish to use VPN, you must do the following:

    1. Complete the VPN access request form and
    2. Load the new more secure Global Connect VPN client on your District mobile device and any home machines that you might use. 

    For you to use VPN after 2/8 you will have to complete the two steps just mentioned. The access request link for VPN is both to the right and above.  This link can only be accessed while inside our network.

    Thank you for your attention to this important matter.

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  • 2/8/19 - All Previous VPN accts have been de-activated

    If you have tradionaly used a VPN acct in the past to access our network remotely, there are new requirements and you must file a new VPN Access Request Form to continue using VPN going forward. If you have not followed the form and procedures above for requesting access under the new updated VPN access policy, your previous VPN access has been revoked as of 2/8/19.

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Last Modified on November 16, 2023