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    ·         May 16th   -   8th grade Math




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    Dates to remember:
                        May 23                    6th grade Wild Adventures trip

                        May 23                    7th grade Busch Gardens trip

                        May 24                    8th grade Commencement

                        May 29-31               Early Release/Exam Days



                                                 Our School Day
                                                 Bell Schedule
                                                    First Bell  9:23am
                                               A Period                  9:30 -  10:25
                                               B Period                  10:29 - 11:19
                                               C Period                  11:23 -   1:05
                                               7th Lunch               11:27 - 11:52 
                                               6th Lunch               12:02 - 12:27
                                               8th Lunch               12:37 -   1:02
                                               D, E, or F period     1:11 -   2:01
                                               D, E, or F period     2:05 -   2:55
                                               D, E, or F period     2:59 -   3:50 


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Say No to Bullying

  • Students have viewed "Say No to Bullying" video from Cartoon Network in their C period class and have gone over - Stand Up, Say Something to take a stand against bullying!

    We have also stressed the importance of THINK when talking or posting about other people.

    T=Is it true? H=Is it helpful?  I=Is it inspiring? N= Is it Necessary? K=Is it Kind?

  • Cope with Food Peer Pressure

    Posted by Missy Atkinson on 5/16/2016

    Life is always changing and on the go for children but one constant is food. Children’s food habits are initially influenced by their family and siblings but as they get older and start attending school they are surrounded by peers and other adults that they can be influenced by.

    Healthy habits are started at the home and will hopefully follow your child out the door, but it is important that parents remember to avoid being overly strict. This could have negative consequences if the child becomes obsessed with food or develops a distorted body image.

    Helping children build their confidence with their food choices and providing praise is extremely imperative to help them overcome teasing and scrutiny that peers or even family members can pose.

    For more information, visit:

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