Professional & Community Services

  • The Office of Professional and Community Services is led by Assistant Superintendent Dr. Michelle Gayle and oversees School Board Administration, Policy and Planning, School Choice, the Volunteer Office (and Mentors), District Advisory Council, Student District Advisory Council, Business and Community Partners, the Foundation for Leon County Schools, Purchasing, and Marketing and Events. 
    *Moved the School Board to paperless meetings, with all material available to the public online. 
    *Oversaw the rezoning of a new school, successfully soliciting public input and using GIS technology for the first time to produce new boundaries reflective of community concerns and logistics.
    *Implementated a resource management system that made everything from human resources to finance more accessible to the public and also provide better services for employees and businesses.  



    Professional and Community Services

    Dr. Michelle Gayle
    Assistant Superintendent
    2757 W. Pensacola Street
    (850) 487-7177
    FAX: (850) 414-5151

    Stacey Turknett
    Executive Assistant

    School Board Agenda

    Julie Jernigan
    (850) 487-7363
    Volunteers and Mentors
    Kelli Walker
    District Volunteer Coordinator
    (850) 487-7800
    School Choice
    Jamie Holleman 
    School Choice Coordinator
    (850) 561-8950
    The Bloxhan Building
    725 South Calhoun Street 
    The Foundation for Leon County Schools
    Eric Clark
    Executive Director
    (850) 487-7241
    Marketing and Events 
    Heather Thomas
    Marketing Coordinator
    (850) 354-3585
    Digital Media 
    Susan Mayfield 
    Digital Media / Video Production Specialist
    (850) 591-0735

    Policies and Procedures
    Position currently open / waiting to be filled 

    Coming Soon... Central Registration