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  • New Parent Portal / ClassLink info!!


    Hello Parents and Students,

    Now that the Parent Portal Gradebook is open, users are beginning to log in and check grades in the system.  Often there is confusion between the different accts that cause users some issues:


    Parents and Student have SEPERATE accts and parents should not share their login information with their students as they have their OWN logins to check their grades.


    Easy way to tell the accts apart

    • Parent Accts:  Username is structured as follows -
      StudentLastName+Last 4 of student ID# (Ex; DoeJ6789)
      Parents should go to the Parent Portal page and log in using their credentials there. (They do NOT use ClassLink) 
    • Student Accts: Username is structured as follows -
      Student Usernames use their Student ID # (Ex: 123456789)
      Students should be logging into Classlink and accessing their grades using the Parent Portal Gradebook Tile.  

    Important Note!!  

    In the past, the student's logged into the Parent Portal Gradebook much the same as a parent did, but a student should no longer do that and instead use ClassLink as their usernames and password are already setup in ClassLink wfor them.  When logging into ClassLink, students MUST use their full username which is as follows:



    Student ClassLink Parent Portal Gradebook Tile ScreenShot


    ClassLink Gradebook Icon

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  • Parent Portal is currently unavailable

    Parent Portal is currently down due to technical issues.  We are working to restore  access as rapidly as possible (11/10/15 10:30 AM)

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  • Winter Holiday Break

    School Closed

    Schools will be closed for the Winter Holiday break 12/19/16 - 1/2/17

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  • Thanksgiving Break

    School Closed

    School will be closed 11/23 - 11/25 for the Thanksgiving break

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    LCS Class Notes

    FAQs for Back to School

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  • Parent Portal Letters

    ParentPP Letter s should receive a Parent Portal letter from their child's school.  You will receive one per child.  In that letter is the login credential for the primary contact listed at the school (typically the mother).  The login credentials at the top in the grey boxed area are for the parent to log into the Parent Portal (Click the login box at the top right below the red arrows) and check their child's grades.


    Important: These credentials should NOT be shared with your child ever or you compromise the security of your acct and ability to access and monitor their grades as they can lock you out of your acct if they have the password.  All students have their OWN separate credentials that allow them to see their grades.  Students log into ClassLink and open the Gradebook tile to see their grades, they should not use or need parent login credentials.


    The password printed on the letter is the original password issued to the parent by the school.  It is NOT the current password that you might have changed it to as passwords are encrypted and can't be seen by anyone, including the school district.  If you have forgotten your password and need a reset, you can use the "forgot password"  if you set up your profile properly with an e-mail, or if you did not, please contact for assistance 7:00AM - 5:00 PM M-F

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    Horn In order to ensure you do NOT get locked out of the Parent Portal system, please make sure that you set up an e-mail recovery as "primary" in your profile once you log into your Parent Portal.  This ParentPortal Guide will help walk you through how to setup your password recovery settings.  If you do not set this up, the "FORGOT PASSWORD" link will NOT work and will not send you the recovery e-mail to reset your password.

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  • Not Getting your e-mail Notifications?!!! 

    Profile SscreenshotIn order to ensure you get any e-mail subscriptions, please make sure that you set up an e-mail as "primary" in your profile once you log into your Parent Portal.  You then will need to go to the Notification section and select the notifications you wish to recieve for 2017-18.

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  • Locked out of you Parent Portal Acct or forgot your password?

    If your Parent Portal account is not accessible, either because you are locked out or says the user does not exist and you forgot to setup your password recovery e-mail in your profile, please contact the Parent Portal helpdesk @ or call 487-7524 for assistance getting your passowrd reset.

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  • Need a Parent Portal acct?  Want a 2nd one for other parent?

    If you do not have a Parent Portal acct for your child the Parent Portal helpdesk can not create an account for you.  To establish an acct, or request a 2nd acct for an additional parent, please contact the registrar at your childs school directly using the information on the Portal School Contacts page.

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Last Modified on December 5, 2017