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Scheduling a Pre-K Appointment

  • Interested in becoming a Prek Student (3 Step process)

    Your child's early education is important to us and we want to ensure a safe, reliable, and valid Screening and/or Evaluation for your child. It is very important that you complete each of the steps to ensure we have all the information needed PRIOR to your appointment. Otherwise it will need to be rescheduled.

    Once the 3-step enrollment process is complete, we will either text or call to set your child's appointment up (it may take up to seven to ten business days.) Sending documents multiple times will cause delays in making your appointment, so please only send your documents in one email.   

    If at any point your phone number or email address changes, it is VERY IMPORTANT you email us your updated information and change it in your FOCUS account. 

    Our appointments run back to back, so it is very important to be on time. If you are late, the appointment will have to be rescheduled. 

    Step #1 - Required Documentation

    Email the following documents and put your child’s name and birthday in the subject line of the email. Send all documents at once to earlychildhood@leonschools.net

    • 2 proofs of residence (one being a lease or mortgage) – for a list of acceptable documents, visit Proof of Residency Packet 
    • child's birth certificate
    • up to date physical (no more than 1 year old) on the Florida School Health form  
    • up to date shot record on the Florida 680 form 
    • VPK Certificate, signed and dated by Parent/Guardian obtained from the Early Learning Coalition of the Big Bend  http://elcbigbend.org/  (if applicable)

    If your child has an IEP from another school district, or speech/language/therapy or other medical reports, please include those in your email. 

    Step #2 - Questionnaire

    Use the following link to complete a questionnaire that will give us additional information on your child. This questionnaire will take approximately 12 minutes to complete.


    Step #3 - Creating a Focus Parent Portal Account

    Follow the instructions via the link below to create a Parent Portal FOCUS profile. Go to https://leon.focusschoolsoftware.com/focus/auth/. You MUST include an email address in the profile so we can send you secure documents about your child. If you already have children registered in focus, you can add the new child to their focus account. Please use Google Chrome or Firefox ONLY when accessing the FOCUS Portal. IE and Edge are NOT supported browsers.


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LCS Safe Schools Statement

  • Pursuant to federal law, students may not be denied a public education. As such, Leon County Schools is committed to providing a world class education in a safe environment for all students--regardless of immigration status.

    LCS administrators will continue to enforce Board Policy 5540 in relation to non-DCF law enforcement investigations involving students on campus. This policy requires parents’ consent in order to provide access to students unless there is a warrant or an exigent/emergency circumstance such as an investigation involving a missing child.

    LCS counselors have been trained to provide support for students and families who may be impacted by changes to federal law. The safety and security of all our students will continue to be our top priority.

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Early Childhood Programs

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