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  • Schoolwires is our new system for District web pages.  District, Administrative, and School websites were converted to this new system over the course of the school year (2014-15).  In addition, teachers will be able to take advantage of being able to create teacher pages with an easy to use system.

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  • New Editing Interface Available!!!


    New Page Editing Interface Handout

    Here is where the new “page edit” button is located

    New editing interface

    If you have trouble and need to get something done fast  because you’re having trouble with the new interface (Unlikely) you can temporarily go back to the way you used to, and open the page in “Classic Edit” mode for that one particular time under the “Actions” button so you can get something done the old way until you are more comfortable.

     Classic Edit

     Here is a breakdown of the new editing interface functionality at a glance

     Breakdown of New Interface

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