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  • School Hours

    • 8:30 am-2:50 pm
    • Morning supervision available starting at 7:45 am
    • Afternoon supervision available until 3:20 pm

    Contact Numbers

    Front Office: (850) 488-0923
    Fax Number: (850) 487-2416
    Extended Day: (850) 487-2397


    If your child will be absent from school due to illness please contact the front office as soon as possible.  Please also remember to get school excuses any time you take your child to any type of medical appointment.  Please email or fill out this form:

    Transportation Changes

    Email transportation changes to 

     *Emails must be received by 2:15pm



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  • Distance Learning Material Pick Up

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  • Learn and Teach at Home help:

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    Our 2019-20 yearbook has gone to press and it’s going to be fabulous! If you haven’t already ordered one for your child, the link is below. If you prefer, you may print out the order form and mail it to the school office. This will be a wonderful way for your child to relive the fun times we had at Roberts this year!


    Our children left school on Friday, March 13, armed with library books to read over spring break. Since our time away from school has been extended, some of you have asked about returning these library books so you don’t have to feel responsible for them anymore. We have set up a bucket outside the main office for the return of library books during regular school hours. If you are unable to bring the books to school, don’t stress. Just keep them in a safe place and return them when school resumes.


    Our Red Fox Lending Library is off to a great start!! Many families are taking advantage of borrowing books and returning them for more. As has become the norm, we ask that you utilize appropriate sanitizing procedures and practice safe distancing if other families are there when you come.


    We hope to soon begin production of a new version of our WRES morning news show. Watch for details as we utilize this broadcast as yet another means of communication.

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  • Principal's Message


    We are receiving questions regarding the learn-at-home packets. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to access this resource, and we do understand that not everyone has the ability to print every packet. Please see the tips below. Please email me if you are having technical difficulties. I know this transition to online instruction is a big learning curve for many of us, but we are going to get through it and learn a lot in the process!


    Accessing the Packets

    ·        Start at this page for some school-specific information about the packets: It’s on the Academic Services Learn at Home page which will be the first scrolling pictures that shows on our web page. Click on


      Learn at Home



    ·        From there, follow the link to our district’s page that contains the packets.


      Getting Logged In

    ·        You will be prompted to log in with your student’s username and password. The format is as follows. The student ID number is 9 digits long and the lunch PIN is 5 digits long. The students’ ID number can be located through parent portal in FOCUS. If your child doesn’t know their lunch PIN, please contact your child’s teacher or the Roberts front office at 488-0923 starting Monday at 8:00 am.


    o   Password: student lunch PIN (or what they use at school)

    ·        Some people who had login issues are just having someone else email them the packet. That is fine, but we do need to get everyone’s login working for the online instruction that starts April 13. So please still contact the school if your student’s login is not working.


    Annotating the Packet/Completing Electronically

    ·        Although it is a little bit clunky, most of the blanks on these worksheets can be filled in electronically using the free Adobe Reader application. There is a video on our school Learn-at-Home website that demonstrates how to do this in Adobe Reader. Here is a direct link to the video.

    o   The tools featured in the video are available in the free Adobe Reader app. You do not need the paid version, Adobe Acrobat, because you’re just typing on top of the blanks as opposed to editing the underlying PDF (which is a paid feature).

    o   Most computers do not open PDFs in Adobe Reader by default anymore. Macs open them in Preview and Windows 10 opens them in Edge. You will need to download and install Adobe Reader and set it as your default PDF viewer:

    o   Be sure to save the worksheet after you type in your answers.


    Writing Answers without Printing

    ·        Students also have the option to reference the packet on a computer or tablet, and then record their answers on a separate sheet of notebook paper. Please make an effort to clearly label which question you are answering.

    ·        Just hold on to your answer sheets and we’ll send more information regarding submitting them soon. You will not need a printer or traditional scanner in order to submit your work, even if it is done on paper.


    Hard copies of the packets will be available at school starting Monday at 8:00 am. However, if you can, complete the packet at home with the steps outlined.  Lucky Goat orders will also be outside for pick up from 8 am-3 pm Monday –Wednesday of this week.


    Thank you and let me know if you have any questions.



    Kim McFarland


    Roberts Elementary 



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