STAR Program for LCS Student City Bus Riders

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What is the STAR Program? 

  • The Student Transportation for Academics and Responsibilities (STAR) Program is a StarMetro, City of Tallahassee, and Leon County Schools pilot program to encourage area students to use public transportation for school, work, and extracurricular activities, or other responsibilities free of charge by using your STAR Card. 

    StarMetro’s STAR Program (previously known as the Students Fare-Free Pilot Program) provides unaccompanied students in grades 6-12 within Leon County free transportation with a 2021 STAR Program Card AND a current signed agreement on file. The STAR Program will provide students in kindergarten through fifth grade within Leon County free transportation ONLY if the student is accompanied by a sixth grade or older sibling, legal guardian, or parental designee, has a STAR Program Card, AND a signed 2021 agreement on file.

    The bus stop and public transportation system are considered an extension of the classroom and students are expected to observe the same code of discipline expected in the school classroom and on school buses. Please review all code and policy information on the agreement form.

    How do students participate in the STAR Program?

    Step 1: All Leon County Schools K-12 students (including charter schools) who wish to participate in the program must register for the program through Leon County Schools/Focus Parent Portal.

    Don't have an acct and need help creating one? Visit for guides.

    STAR Card

    Step 2: LCS will issue STAR Cards to students to be picked up at their school sites.

    Step 3: Students can then begin riding StarMetro buses using their STAR Card

    Step 4: Renew your Star Card every new school year. 

    When do I register my child for the STAR Program?

    • Leon County Schools and StarMetro will begin issuing 21/22 school year cards in Spring 2021 and continue through to Fall 2021.
    • All students MUST register their 21/22 school year cards as soon as possible.
    • Students will be required to have a form on file and a valid STAR Program card beginning September 30, 2021. 
    • Registration will remain open all year and must be renewed annually.

    How does a STAR card work?

    STAR cards link students with valuable emergency contact and school information while riding a StarMetro bus.

    These cards will be magnetic stripe cards, should have a picture of the student, and can be swiped at the farebox. 

    After filling out the agreement form, students will receive their STAR Card as soon as possible.

Tips to remember

  • If your child is new to riding StarMetro, here is a list of things to remember:

    • Find the nearest route to your destination and locate timetables, View all route maps and tables or visit to download the latest real-time bus locator and trip planning apps.
    • Determine the time that the bus will arrive at your bus stop - your starting point. Be there at least five minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive.
    • Once the bus arrives and comes to a complete stop - wait for passengers to exit and then board the bus through the front door only.
    • When boarding (as a K-12 student), tell the driver you are a student and swipe your valid STAR card.
    • Press the yellow tape or pull the yellow cord (near the window) to signal the bus driver that you wish to get off at the next stop when you get near your destination.
    • Be sure to have all of your belongings with you and exit through the closest door.
    • The bus stop and public transit are considered an extension of the classroom and students are expected to observe the same code of discipline expected in the school classroom and on school buses.

Need Help or Have Questions?

  • Call 850.891.5200

    Email Us @

    *Please note, this email is NOT to apply for the program, but is for use if you have additional questions not answered on this website.

What Grade is Your Student in?

  • Kindergarten -- Fifth Grade

  • Sixth -- Twelfth Grade


Last Modified on May 26, 2022