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  • Parents and Guardians, 

    The first part of the 2020-2021 school year has gone by quickly, and it has been an exciting time thus far.  Parents have met with their children’s teachers during Open House, parent conferences and workshops. Our school has completed our first quarter and are well into our second. 


    As we reflect on the many things for which we are thankful, I want to take this opportunity to share just a few of them with you:  We are thankful for our students who come to school every day ready to learn – their presence reminds us daily, what is important and why we are here.  We are thankful for the continuous support from our parents in creating a healthy partnership for our students.  We are thankful for the teachers, assistants, health aides, bus drivers, secretaries, nurses, lunchroom aides, support staff, therapists and administrators who really care about student achievement and have the best interests of our students at heart.  We are also thankful for our volunteers who enthusiastically contribute so much to our school.


    In these most difficult and challenging times, often, we see dedicated and tireless individuals going above and beyond to make sure great things continue to happen in our school. Let me assure you, as the proud Principal at James S. Rickards High School, your efforts do not go unnoticed. 


    Most importantly, we are thankful for the parents who have kept the confidence, faith, and trust in us.  They continue to share their most valuable possession with us and—in most cases— work hard and advocate to be a partner in their children’s education, safety and well-being. For this, you are greatly appreciated, and we are ever so thankful.


    I would like to wish all of you and your families a happy, healthy, and relaxing Thanksgiving Holiday! 



    Douglas Cook, Principal

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School Updates

  • New Chromebook Paperwork Requirement

    Parents/Guardians and Students:


    We are working diligently to get the new Chromebooks issued.  We cannot pass out the Chromebooks until they all arrive.  Please pay attention to the school website and to listserv for the announcements telling you when to come to the school for your new device.


    While we wait, print the attached “Chromebook Agreement” form and fill it out.  When you come to the school, bring the form with you to shorten your wait time.

    ChromeBook Agreement Form 

    Saturday Hybrid Academic Camps

    James S. Rickards High School will be hosting Saturday Hybrid Academic Camps to provide students with additional assistance with the upcoming May 2021 assessments. The camps will be operated by JSRHS certified teachers from 8 am to Noon. The camp is free of charge and is open to all James S. Rickards High School students. These camps have shown that study sessions make a significant contribution in helping students review and pass standardized assessments.

    To register: Click the link below

    https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=2yopaSqnN0WqJNZ6b1ZCvGyqyOa3_KxJgkF1eoW 5PrVUMkxNS0pQRFFSUEY1OUhWWDlERVBQWUhDUi4u

    To join Zoom sessions Join Zoom Meeting


    Meeting ID: 963 8157 1366

    Passcode: 055842

    (If you have questions regarding study sessions for a particular class, please speak with your student’s teacher)

    Parents and Guardians

    It is that time of year! Our school and district value your feedback! Our Title I Parent and Family Engagement survey will be available from Monday, October 12, 2020, until Monday, December 7, 2020. The survey shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to complete and will be a valuable source of information for us to use as a guide for continual improvement within our school to better serve our students and families.


    You may complete the survey online using a computer, tablet, or smartphone by visiting the website below.  Paper copies of the survey are available in English, Spanish, Swahili, and Creole upon your request.


    Please complete the survey on or before Wednesday, December 7, 2020.


    You can access the Family Engagement Survey online by clicking on the following link: (Parents/guardians are able to select their language preference by clicking on the appropriate link)


    English: https://www.papersurvey.io/s/titlei_familysurvey_fall20_eng    


    Spanish: https://www.papersurvey.io/s/titlei_familysurvey_fall20_spa  


    Creole: https://www.papersurvey.io/s/titlei_familysurvey_fall20_ht      


    Swahili: https://www.papersurvey.io/s/titlei_familysurvey_fall20_swa     


    The school board has recently updated the mask policy to state that no gaiters, bandanas, or scarves may be used as masks.  Also, a doctor’s note or 504 plan will not suffice for a mask exemption.  Any mask exemption must be a part of an on-file health plan.  You may contact Terri Anderson (andersont@leonschools.net) for more information regarding a mask exemption.



    Parents and Guardians, we are pleased to announce that Rickards High School earned a graduation rate of 93.1% for the 2018-2019 School Year. This is a true reflection of our students' and teachers' hard work and commitment. With your help and continuous support, I am confident that our Rickards High School graduation rate will continue to increase and our students will continue to excel academically. 


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