Parents & Students - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

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Enrollment & Student Info

  • How do I enroll my student?

  • Do my students need shots or immunizations to enroll?

  • How do I look up which schools am I zoned for?

  • Does my child need a health form for a health condition?

  • How do I find my kids school bus?

  • How to I sign up my student for Extended Day programs?

  • How to i check my students grades?

  • What are the LCS Digital Academies??

  • How do I get logged into and use ClassLink?

  • Can my child attend a different school? (School Choice)

  • What if I want to go to Virtual school instead?

  • What student activities are available?

  • Are their any student scholarship opportunities?

  • Where can I find the 2020 Virtual Graduations?

  • How do I get student records?




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