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  • E-Mail Notifications - Portal vs. App

    When setting up your e-mail notifications for Focus please remember that you can NOT set those up through the App.  Notifications MUST be set up in the Focus Parent Portal.


    When setting up e-mail notifications, you are REQUIRED to verify the email sent before the notifications will work.

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    Need to get a copy of Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 for Education for personal use at home??

    TheHub As a Leon County Student, Parents and Students can purchase a variety of different software at a very large discount including a copy of Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 for their personal use at home.  

    The students must "register" their official school email address which is used to validate that they are really a student in Leon County.  The correct format for their email is as follows:
    (Ex - ).


    Simply click the link to access the Leon County Schools On The Hub Software site. There are tabs at the top for Faculty/Staff and students. Select the product type on the left or search for it in the search bar.

     On The Hub Win 10

    Please note*  These are digital downloads, though some of the specific software may have available backup media available (Dvd or USB versions) that can be purchased for an additional fee. There is no need to purchase an Office 2016 as that is already available for every students and employee for free so do not purchase a copy unless you wish to do so before your child goes off to college and needs a copy to have after they graduate.



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Parent Portal Announcements

  • Need to create a new Focus Parent Portal Acct?

    With our new Focus system, the Parent Portal now allows you to create your own account to access your children's available information. You can use ONE single acct that allows you to see ALL your children using that same account! You will need the Parent Portal letter from the school with your child's PIN # to register an acct. (If you lost or did not receive the letter with your child's PIN # on it, you MUST contact the school.  The Helpdesk can NOT provide the letter or PIN#). 

    All portal letters received PRIOR to 18-19 are NO LONGER VALID.

     IMPORTANT Reminder!!

    Students DO NOT CREATE ACCTS for themselves or for parents. Students do not need or use any of the information contained on the parent Portal letter sent home, that is exclusively for Parent use.

    Parents - To create your portal acct, click the image at the top right of the page.


    Students use the Focus Tile in ClassLink to access their grades which will log them into the Focus Portal automatically.


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  • Need to add an additional child?

    If you set up your portal acct already for some of your children, but didn't have all of your children's letters yet so need to add them, that's no problem!  Simply return to the original screen where you set up the acct initially (See the Step#1 link above)  and select the 2nd link on the screen

    "I have an acct Registered on the Parent Portal, but would like to ADD A CHILD"


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  • Not Receiving Portal Email Notifications?

    If you have subscribed to the Focus Portal email notifications and have not received them, make sure to do the following:

    1. Verify you do not have a setting in your email's filter settings that auto deletes emails that are considered spam or are not in your contacts list.  Many providers have this as a default. (Rocketmail, Earthlink, etc.)
    2. Check your Spam folder for the missing emails
    3. Verify you do not have a "Junk" or "Clutter" folder that the emails are being moved into.
    4. Add the following domain address to your whitelist or contacts to ensure it passes through your emails filters
      1. Email -
      2. Domain -
    5. Some email domains simply may not work with Focus.  Some examples:
      1. Email sites that are hosted with companies that are outside the continental US.
      2. Email sites that provide "Anonymous" or "Encryption" to prevent anyone from knowing who sent the email  (sites such as these are typically banned due to security policies so will not permit communication to them)
      3. Proxy sites that redirect emails to hides one identity.
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  • Portal asking you to verify your identity?

    If you create a new Focus Parent Portal Acct and after logging in you see the alert below (in the yellow box) indicating that you need to visit the school and verify your identity, please contact your child's school to make arrangements to update or provide your contact information in the system. 

    This normally occurs because the information on file with the school needs to be validated and updated as there is either incorrect, outdated, or missing information on your student's contact records. 

    There are three (3)  things that need to be validated and verified as accurate before your access can be turned on to see you child's information:

    1. Your contact information corrected -  (Name, Address, Phone #'s [work, home, or cell] and that the correct name is under the correct contact label (Meaning the Mother's info is under Mother and father's info is under Father and not reversed by accident or under some other label such as relative)
    2. Blank Contact information updated  - Sometimes a student is missing all contact information from the student's contact record.  This requires all Parent or Guardian information to be updated. 
    3. Custody is correctly marked for both Mother and Father.  Sometimes the custody status was not correctly enabled.  This is a good time to also make sure you are marked for Emergency and Pickup permissions as well.
    4. Your Portal Acct is "Enabled" - Once the above info is verified and corrected, the acct must then be enabled by the School before it will allow the parent to see the information.

    If you have children at more than one school, please make sure that information is updated for each of your children at each school.

    Identity Verfication

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