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    IT Governance is lead by senior management and its purpose is to focus on aligning IT with business strategy.  The IT Governance Committee is tasked with the responsibility of ensuring IT initiatives and projects move the company towards its goals.  The are five main objectives of this committee:

    1.) Ensure IT strategy is aligned with the business strategy.  IT must delvier the functionality and services with current and planned needs of the organization.

    2.) Implement IT and new technologies to facilitate the organization do new things that were not previously possible.

    3.) Improve efficencies and increase customer satisfaction.

    4.) Ensure IT resources are used prudently and that IT services are delivered at the maximum value and most efficient manner.

    5.) Ensure IT related risks are known and managed and that IT resources are secured.


    The IT Governance Committee meets typically the second Tuesday of each month.  It has three steering committees and they meet as needed to address pressing issues.  These are:

     -  Academic Steering Committee

    -  IT Services & Policy Steering Committee

    -  Administrative Steering Committee

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