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    The Staffing Services department is responsible for developing and maintaining the District’s staffing plan.  The staffing plan comprises a major part of the District’s budget for staffing the schools.

    Staffing Plan Committee

    The staffing plan is developed with assistance from district level and district wide staffing plan committee.  The committee is led by the Deputy Superintendent and members include Assistant Superintendents, Divisional Directors, ESE Director, DAC representative, Budget/FTE supervisor, principals, staffing services and union representatives. The committee begins meeting upon request of the recalibrated FTE for October.  The committee reviews required support services, mandated and special programs, and enhancement activities when making decisions.

    Staffing Plan Model

    Primary factors that affect staffing plan funding are student FTE, DOE weighted program categories, and available funding. The staffing plan is developed using the previous year’s October and February FTE.  Staffing plans are normally distributed to principals in the Spring.  The staffing plan is a model which allocates staffing units using average salaries and benefits.  A series of formulas comprise the model which, when applied to the student FTE, generates the staffing units along with the school’s operating and substitute budgets.


    Principals can convert (with approval) staffing units within their staffing plan, and the staffing services department is responsible for processing the conversions.

    Position Control

    Position Control forms are approved by Staffing Services and staffing plan units are entered into Skyward so that the FTE is available when Personnel Action Forms are being processed.

    Staffing Plan Roster

    Each school has a staffing plan roster in excel format that is linked to their staffing plan.  As Staffing Services makes changes to the staffing plan the roster is updated.  Within the roster, there are spreadsheets for each staffing category (teachers, paraprofessionals, clerical etc.) and fields for each funding source that includes their allocation and balance.When there are school personnel changes (new hires, terminations, change of hours, funding change, etc.) the roster is updated as personnel action forms (PAFs) are received in Staffing Services. Staffing Services accesses the roster to assist with reconciliation of the staffing plan. The goal is for the personnel data in Skyward to match the roster and for the staffing plan to balance.

    Our Approach

    Staffing services provides support and education to schools.  School personnel are encouraged to work collaboratively with this department throughout each school year to insure accuracy, efficiency and transparency in budgeting and reporting.

    Elementary, Middle, High and Special Schools staffing plan contact – Teresa Hardy (487-7152) or Jenny Lord (487-7181)

    District Sites position control contact– Jenny Lord (487-7181)


    “The Leon County School District does not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex (including transgender, gender nonconforming status, sexual orientation and diverse gender identities) marital status, age, ethnicity, religion, military status, pregnancy, disability or genetic information.”



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