• School Choice will open in January for the 2018-2019 school year. 

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School Choice Forms

Choice Definitions

  • Magnet Schools--

    Open Enrollment--

    Sibling Support--The sibling must be attending the school the same year as the requested reassignment.

    Grandfathering--The last 2 years of elementary, last year of middle, last year of high school or your current school is under capacity.

    McKary Scholarships--McKay option is based on the availability of the program(s), services and classroom capacity. The student must have an Individual Education Plan (IEP) or Section 504 accommodation plan

Schools Over Capacity

  • The following schools are over capacity and in accordance with School Board Polciy 123.56 are not currently availibe for open enrollment: 

    Apalachee Elem
    Ft. Braden K-8
    Ruediger Elem
    Astoria Park Elem
    Gilchrist Elem
    Springwood Elem
    Buck Lake Elem
    Hawks Rise Elem
    W.T. Moore Elem
    Canopy Oaks Elem
    Kate Sullivan Elem
    Woodville K-8
    Conley Elem
    Riley Elem

    Fairview Middle
    Griffin Middle
    Montford Middle

    Chiles High
    Leon High
    Lincoln High

    Updated: 11/3/2017 at 10:45pm


  • Welcome to the School Choice and Open Enrollment department. We are happy to work with you to ensure that your student attends the best school for their individual needs. Please remember that School Choice and Open Enrollment are two different programs--though both are strictly based on the capacity of each school. Applications for the 2018-2019 school year will begin in January 2018. 

Magnet School Options

Sealey is a great place to learn and grow. We offer, within a safe and supportive environment, a challenging curriculum, using interdisciplinary instruction to emphasize the basic skills of thinking, problem-solving and communication./p>

Our goal is to help our students develop into independent thinkers, problem solvers and lifelong learners who will meet the challenges of the future./p>

We seek innovative and exciting ways to ensure that our students will:
Develop a lifelong awareness and curiosity about the physical world and a positive attitude towards science.
Understand and use a scientific process for problem solving
Communicate precisely and effectively.
Develop a mind-set, leading to global thinking and responsibility.
Sealey provides a quality Extended-Day Program and Fun Summer Camp. These programs are fee based./p>

Sealey is proud of our diverse population, dedicated teachers and staff and supportive parents. We are proud of our school and all of our Sealey Superstars!

Apalachee Tapestry Magnet School of the Arts (ATMSA) was established as Leon County’s first magnet program in 1999. Since then, designated as a Florida Arts Model School, ATMSA has excelled in enhancing student education through artistic emphasis. High expectations and a standard of excellence are held for all students through explicit instruction and a common focus. Classroom teachers and the Tapestry teachers co-teach within the classroom to infuse art into all curriculum areas. ATMSA is a school-uniform site. The ultimate goal of the educators and staff at ATMSA is to help students develop a passion for learning, nurture their existing creativity, and achieve their maximum potential both artistically and academically.

Students enrolled at ATMSA are provided with a rigorous arts-infused academic curriculum. There are many venues for students to excel, showcase talents, and achieve academic excellence while increasing critical thinking and problem solving skills that are essential to be successful in the 21st century.

A unique schedule is offered to allow students to experience the various forms of art. Grades PreK-3 receive creative infusion in the classroom through visual art, drama and music, in addition to traditional special area offerings. Students in grades 4-5 choose a FOCUS elective, providing a rigorous arts concentration and participate in arts infusion experiences in the classroom. Optional before school clubs allow students an opportunity to participate in multiple arts disciplines.

The Technology Magnet Program at Riley Elementary School has the latest and most innovative technology that our school district has to offer.

Our state-of-the-art newsroom is utilized daily by our students to broadcast our school news program, WRTV.

We have six computer labs with approximately 180 computers. Each classroom has four computers for student use in Pre K through fifth grade. Every classroom is classified as an Intelligent Classroom which means that promethean boards, document cameras and audio enhancements are a major part of daily instruction. iPads and iPods are also available to reinforce instructional materials enhancing the lives of our children.

Three of our most recent innovative resources include the use of Active Slates, Active Votes, and the iPad Translator Application.

Active Slates and Active Votes allow students to input their responses to prompts provided by teachers during classroom instruction. The results are tabulated immediately and provide feedback so teachers and students are able to monitor their progress and adapt instruction based on the results.

The use of the iPad Translator Application allows our small population of students on campus that do not speak or understand English well to translate from their language to English and increase their learning. The iPad Translator Application has bridged the communication gap allowing the teacher to communicate effectively with these students and their parents.

Sabal Palm Technology and Robotics Elementary Magnet School is Leon County’s newest magnet program. Students in grades K-5 are afforded the opportunity to work hands on with our very own technology instructor.

Sabal Palm has its very own technology lab designed with the notion of enhancing technological skills and developing the minds of our young students. With three additional computer labs, our students in the intermediate grades each have their own tablet designated for school use. This allows full immersion in the curriculum from a technological point of view. In the primary grades, the students use iPads, IPad minis and laptops for their educational engagement. Each classroom has anywhere from 4-6 desktop computers to help support our students’ educational needs. All classrooms come fully equipped with voice amplifier systems, the newest document cameras and promethean boards.

Students also have the opportunity to join our Robotics Club. Students enrolled in the Robotics Club maintain high academic standards and uphold the mission of our standard of excellence. The students also learn about Computer Coding and Robot Programming. With Community Outreach, students will look to showcase and compete in Lego Robotics competitions in the area.

Sabal Palm Technology and Robotics Elementary Magnet School is proud to serve a diverse group of students from the Leon County District. We have dedicated and hardworking teachers and support staff nurturing the minds of our future leaders making Sabal Palm the family that it is. Go Patriots!

The Raa Middle School Arts Magnet Program offers students an outstanding education achieved through an equally outstanding arts program. The fine and performing arts are universal languages that all students should develop. Students are provided quality, sequential, standards based instruction in dance, music, theatre, and the visual arts to prepare them for future endeavors.

The Arts Magnet Program is an innovative and rigorous program for students interested in pursuing the arts in high school and college and who wish to increase their creative and critical thinking skills. Our program encourages students to share what they have learned through various exhibitions, ensemble performances, and competitions.

Arts Magnet students are provided with the opportunity to participate in master classes with professional artists of various disciplines. Regionally and nationally renowned artists are regular guests at Raa, engaging students with special performances and Q&A sessions. Raa has developed a unique arts mentoring program that pairs local visual artists, musicians, dancers, and theatre professionals with students in the Arts Magnet Program. These opportunities not only enhance artistic technique, but also problem solving and team building skills, self-confidence and determination. The benefits of this program will stay with these students over the course of their lives and is made possible in a school with professional arts education specialists like those at Raa.

There is no prerequisite formal arts experience necessary for participation. Students can show talent and creativity without prior formal instruction. The only requirement is a committed interest in the arts.

Griffin Middle School is enhancing academics through technology by awarding students the opportunity to learn beyond the boundaries of a “traditional” advanced curriculum Griffin values the concept of college ready for some but career ready for all. Unique to Griffin Middle School is that we are the only middle school in Leon County Schools with a Florida State registered CAPE (Career and Professional Education academy). Since the program’s inception, our students have earned 125 certifications to date, including Microsoft Specialist certifications.

Griffin’s newly constructed, dual-platform campus provides an amazing atmosphere for students to gain skills in PC and Apple Technologies! One of only a few in the nation, Griffin is proud to be a Promethean Partner School and an Information Technology Model School with a state registered CAPE academy. Every classroom is equipped with Promethean Technology includes Active Expressions, Promethean Slates, Voice Enhancements, and Document Cameras. Additional electronic available for Griffin’s digital learners include: Nooks, iPads, still cameras, video cameras, 3D projectors, and table top conversion projectors.

We have two Magnet program offerings that are available to all students:
The Pre-Advances Placement Program
The Pre-Advances Placement Program serves students wishing to excel and learn beyond the boundaries of a traditional advanced curriculum. Students are challenged by a project-based, advanced academic program.

Pre-Information Technology/CAPE Academy
The pre-Information Technology Magnet Program links core academics subjects to information technology and computer content. Students use cutting edge technology, earn certifications in Microsoft Office, and receive advanced instruction.

The International Baccalaureate Preparatory (IB Prep) Magnet Program is an advanced program of study designed to accelerate the educational experience of students in all curriculum areas while promoting a worldview of global citizenship. Students in IB Prep may earn up to eight high school credits, including Algebra and Geometry Honors, Physical Science and Biology Honors, Honors Spanish and French, Chinese, and Journalism. Our program is designed to prepare students for the IB program or any other Advanced Placement program. The accelerated curriculum is balanced with promoting a well- rounded education, with students involved in programs such as jazz and symphonic band, orchestra, chorus, and drama, as well as athletics and community service. Students will also earn computer certification through their 1:1 classes. Students will have real-world preparations & experience in their paperless classrooms!

IB Prep students enjoy a family atmosphere, with students at each grade level sharing a core team of teachers who work and plan together to establish cross-curricular themes and units. The program is led by a magnet administrator who places high importance on strong home- school communication. Morning and afternoon transportation is provided for all IB Prep Magnet students from any home in Leon County.

Students in IB Prep are academically competitive at the state and national levels. Fairview is home to the nine-time MATHCOUNTS Florida State Champions, multiple 1st place trophies from our Mu Alpha Theta teams, and five 1st place medals at the Science Olympiad Regional Competition. No matter his or her area of interest, your student will be prepared for all higher-level educational endeavors by the IB Prep Magnet at Fairview.

The Applied Science and Technology Magnet Program seeks to inspire creativity, stimulate curiosity and empower students to develop a comprehensive understanding of their world through the pursuit of scientific knowledge and investigative skills. Cobb’s magnet curriculum is structured to provide a solid foundation for scientific concepts and increasingly rigorous instruction. Through an exclusive magnet research elective class that uses an inquiry-based approach to curriculum, students will experience lessons in forensics, dissection, and paleontology. These lessons facilitate knowledge constructions of living things and allow students to explore human anatomy, evaluate current global ecological concerns, and uncover the mysteries of genetics, viruses, and microscopy. Magnet students are offered ten high school credits which can accelerate their personal education path.

Students are encouraged to participate in our acclaimed athletic, prestigious fine arts programs, and award winning BETA, robotics club & math competition class. Magnet students are invited on several interactive overnight field trips that enhance classroom learning experiences. Cobb acknowledges students who show promise in the areas of science and research by recommending them for mentorship programs. One program in particular gives students the opportunity to work alongside professional scientists at The National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, located on FSU’s campus, as they apply classroom concepts to real-world applications.

Cobb faculty prides itself on our family atmosphere and creating a smooth transition to middle and high school. We will work with you and your child to tailor a personalized schedule to meet the specific needs of your budding scholar. .

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School Choice FAQs

  • How Does Open Enrollment Work?

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    Open enrollment was passed by the state legislature in 2017. It allows for the option of parents to attend schools outside of the home zone--including across county lines. The major excpetions for this process are: 

    1. Transportation--

    2. Capacity--

    The open enrollment peroid for the 2018-2019 school year is from ?? to ??. 

    Click here for an application. 

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  • What are the options if my application has been denied?

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    call jamie holliman 

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  • When will we know if we have been approved?

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    The decisions will be made.....

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