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  • March 1   deadline   to   apply   for   School Choice!,     March 1   deadline   to   apply   for   School Choice!

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School Choice Frequently Asked Questions

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School Choice Definitions

Getting Enrollment Ready

3 ways to submit your Hardship Application

  • 3 ways to submit your Hardship Application:

    1. In person - 725 S Calhoun St.
                             The Bloxham Bldg.

    2. Email -

    3. Fax - (850) 487-0444

Do I need to re‐apply each year?

  • Do I need to re-apply for School Choice each year? 

    Great news, once approved you are approved until you are ready to move to the next level (meaning Elementary to Middle or Middle to High). 

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Instructions to apply for School Choice

  • Section A:

    Parents of currently enrolled Leon County Schools (LCS) students (including both Schools of Arts and Sciences, Tallahassee School of Math and Science, and Governors Charter Academy) apply for school choice by logging in to your Focus Parent Portal account here.

    Please note: If you have not already registered for a parent portal acct yet, follow the instructions for acct registration directions on the Parent Portal with the security information provided in your Parent Portal Letter. If you do not have your Parent Portal Letter, you will need to contact your current school to get a copy.

    Employees – Do NOT use your WORK email as your parent portal login. Please use a personal email to prevent any problems with your acct.

    • Double check that you have the correct student selected.
    • Click on the menu “My Child
    • Then click on “School Choice Application” in the menu.
    • Finally, make your choice program selections for your child (You can only select three (3) programs). Make sure to click "Save".
    • “Save” = Submit.

    Section B:

    Parents with students who will be BRAND NEW to our district (never enrolled in LCS) have a 2-step process to apply for school choice.

    Step1: Online Registration.

    • Parents complete the Online Registration Here.
      • Important- You MUST complete the FULL registration and application process for one child before attempting to register a second child.
    • Online Registration is not complete until you click the “submit application” button on the last page of online registration.
    • Once submitted, follow the instructions in your Registration Confirmation Leon County Schools email.

    Step 2: Apply for School Choice

    • Parents Log into Focus Parent Portal here using the credentials in the Registration Confirmation email.
    • Click on “My Information
    • Then click on “School Choice Application” in the menu.
    • Finally, make your child’s choice program selections (You can only select three (3) programs). Make sure to click "Save"
    •  “Save” = Submit

    Section C:

    Parents of former LCS students, who are returning to a LCS school for next school year, please contact the School Choice Office either via email at or by phone.


    • NO RUSH! The deadline is March 1st. It is NOT first come, first served. Applications won’t be reviewed or processed until after the March 1st deadline.
    • All applicants will receive an email by March 29th with the outcome of your school choice request.
    • Applicants MUST use either Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari for either the registration or school choice application (Do NOT use Edge or Explorer)
    • Employees – Do NOT use your WORK email as your parent portal login. Please use a personal email to prevent any problems with your acct.
    • Did you change your mind on your selections? Up to the deadline, you will be able to go back into your saved application, make any changes, and resave. (Save = Submit)
    • You will receive an email after you successfully submit your application.
      • Note: This is the only time of year that ANY student can apply for ANY school, regardless of your zone or the school’s capacity.
    • If you selected a magnet program, the school magnet coordinator will contact you for additional required information. You are encouraged to shadow at the magnet schools.
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School Choice Contact

  • Amy Hall
    (850) 561-8484

    Jamie Holleman Project Manager
    (850) 561-8950

    725 S Calhoun St.
    Tallahassee, FL 32301


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