Multi Factor Authentication (O365 & ClassLink)

O365 Multi-Factor Authentication (2FA) - Setup

  • Set up 2-step verification for Office 365

    Once your admin enables your organization with 2-step verification (also called MFA), you have to set up your account to use it.

    By setting up 2-step verification, you add an extra layer of security to your Office 365 account. You sign in with your password (step 1) and a code is sent to your phone (step 2).

    1. Check your Office 365 admin has turned on multi-factor authentication for your account (This has been done for everyone). If they haven't, when you try to do these steps you won't see the options in Office 365.

    2. Click here to begin setting up your MFA by signing in to Office 365 with your work or school account with your password like you normally do. After you choose Sign in, you'll see this page:

      First Sign in screen
    3. Choose Set it up now.

    4. Select your authentication method and then follow the prompts on the page. (For most users, it's recommended to choose to use their phone number for simplicity rather than the authenticator app unless you are an admin or someone with access to high-security or confidential type of information, and then the Authenticator App is a better option to provide higher-level security protection.  You can also add the authenticator for simplicity, but this way, if you ever change your phone, you always have the text option as a backup and you can reset the app functionality for your new phone)

      Choose your authentication method and then follow the prompts on the screen.

    5. After you verify your alternate contact method, choose Next.

    6. You'll get an app password that you can use with Outlook, Apple Mail, etc. Choose the copy icon to copy the password to your clipboard. You won't need to memorize this password.

      Image of the copy icon to copy the app password to your clipboard.

    7. Once you complete the instructions to specify how you want to receive your verification code, the next time you sign in to Office 365, you'll be prompted to enter the code that is sent to you by text message, phone call, etc.

      To have a new code sent to you, press F5.

      When you sign in with 2-step verification, you'll be prompted for a code.

    We strongly recommend setting up more than one verification method. For example, if you travel a lot, consider setting up Microsoft Authenticator for your verification method. It's the easiest verification method to use, and a way to avoid text or call charges.

    Having trouble? -   How to solve common problems with two-step verification for a work or school account

O365 Multi-Factor - Sign In

  • Before you can sign in to Office 365 with 2-step verification, your admin needs to enable it for your organization (This has been done), and then you should read these instructions to set up your 2-step verification methods so that you know what to expect while setting up your 2FA. Once that's done, you're ready to sign in!

    1. Sign in to Office 365 with your work or school account.

    2. After you enter your password, you'll be sent a 6-digit code to your phone (or to whatever device/app you specified when you set up 2-step verification).

    3. When you receive the 6-digit code, enter it in the box and then choose Sign in.

      Tired of typing in 6-digit codes? Use the Microsoft Authenticator app on your smartphone for 1-click verification!


ClassLink O365 Multi-Factor Authentication (2FA)

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
  • ClassLInk MFA will be activated for ALL employees
    beginning August 2nd 2022

Mullti Factor image

2FA Contact(s)

MFA / Password Reset Links

  • O365 MFA Setup/Re-configure
  • ClassLink MFA Setup/Re-configure
  • Network Password Reset - via ClassLink
  • Network Password Reset - via O365
Last Modified on May 3, 2023