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  • Just about everything we do today is driven by information. Accurate, complete and timely information results in more productive processes, reduced risk and better end user satisfaction. Many organizations today are undergoing a complete digital transformation and are looking for efficient ways to collect and process information from their customers. High costs, low efficiency and higher risk of errors typically associated with manual processes to capture, validate, review and route information are some of the common challenges many businesses face.

    LiquidOffice is an intelligent forms automation solution that enables organizations to automate document and forms-driven processes using electronic forms and workflow capabilities for improved efficiency, control and customer satisfaction.

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    LiquidOffice enables you to easily create electronic forms for data collection across the enterprise, route forms and information for review and approval, and automate forms-driven processes for improved efficiency and control. For processes involving people, information and content, LiquidOffice can have a significant impact on productivity, customer service and the bottom line.

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