24-25 Attendance Information:

  • Regular attendance is a key factor in a child's academic success. Regular attendance is when a student attends more than 95% of the academic school year; this may include up to 8 absences in a 180-day school year. The Florida Legislature finds the association with poor academic performance and nonattendance to be so important that each school district must take an active role in promoting attendance as a means of improving student performance. The state also finds that early interventions are the most effective way of producing good attendance habits that will lead to improved student learning and achievement. Excessive absences not only cause poor academic and health outcomes, but may also result in revocation of School Choice, suspension of a student's driver's license, or judicial action against the student's parents/guardians. For excusing absences, please visit your student's school website for guidelines and procedures, or call the school for more information on attendance and the procedures for excusing absences. 

Why Attendance Matters:

24-25 Leon County Schools Attendance Policies:

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Health, Wellness, & Student Services: Department Attendance

  • Jessica Lowe
    Director II of Health, Wellness, & Student Services

    Departments: Attendance & Families in Transition


    Dexter Martin
    Coordinator of Health, Wellness & Student Services

    Department: Attendance


    Dexter Hogan

    Project Manager of Health, Wellness, & Student Services

    Department: Attendance




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