Mission Statement

  • The mission of the Purchasing Department is to procure quality equipment, supplies, and services in a timely, cost-effective, professional, and ethical manner in an ongoing effort to support student success. 


  • As one of the largest businesses in Leon County, the Board purchases all types of supplies, materials, commodities, and services and constructs and maintains facilities throughout the county. This variety provides opportunities for a large group of vendors, contractors, and consultants to do business with the Leon County School Board. The School Board is committed to developing relationships with diverse businesses, with a particular focus on supporting small businesses within our community.

    LCSB Certified Small Business Vendors as of 4/5/2024

    General procurement guidelines (unless otherwise exempt from competitive solicitation):

    • For purchases under $8,000, the District follows good purchasing practices and typically purchases goods and services using a purchase order.
    • For purchases over $8,000 and under $50,000, the District seeks at least three (3) quotes.
    • Purchases over $50,000 are publicly advertised through a formal competitive solicitation process. 

    Federal award procurement guidelines:

    • For the purpose of the procurement of dining services, food/supplies/services, and all other property or services under a Federal award and in compliance with CFR 200.320, the District self-certifies its micro-purchase threshold at $50,000.

    Interested parties should fill out a Vendor Application Form and refer to our Active and Upcoming Bid Opportunities page to stay updated with our business needs.

     The Leon County Schools Purchasing Department is dedicated to the following standards:
    • Obtain the best value and be a good steward of the District's resources;
    • Ensure compliance with Board policies and maintain transparency in the purchasing process with the Leon County School Board and the public;
    • Ensure compliance with all laws and rules governing the procurement process;
    • Refrain from any activities that may present even an appearance of ethical concerns or a conflict of interest while carrying out the procurement functions and
    • Ensure that the goods and services we obtain best meet the needs of the students, families, teachers, and staff we serve.

    We appreciate your interest in doing business with the Leon County School Board and look forward to working with you!

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  • The above information is provided as a service to the Board and employees of Leon County Schools and to the community. Due to its dynamic nature, we cannot guarantee the information contained herein is current or complete at all times. Every effort has been made to assure its accuracy at the time it was posted.