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  • The protection of student data is of the utmost importance. Any online or web-based software application that includes personally identifiable information (such as student name, date of birth, social security number, etc.) must be compliant with state and federal privacy laws and regulations, including FERPA, the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), 15 U.S.C. ss. 6501-6506, and Section 1002.22, Florida Statutes.

    To further ensure the protection of students’ privacy, recent changes to State Board Rule 6A-1.0955, Florida Administrative Code, require districts to establish a process to review and approve all online educational services that contain student information and are required for students, staff, or parents to use. This requirement applies to tools and applications paid for by the District and those available at no cost.

LCS Data Privacy Policy Intro

Requesting App Approval

    • Review the list of approved applications. If the application is already approved for the same subject/grade, then the application may be used—nothing else needs to be done by the user for approval*.
    • If the application is NOT on the approved list, submit the Academic Services Content Review form. This completed form should be emailed to
    • Wait for clearance from Academic Services. The approval process can take between one between one and three months. An email will be sent with a decision.
    • After Academic Services clearance is granted, submit the TIS Privacy review form.
    • Await final approval for the app from TIS.

App Approval Matrix

  • App Approval Matrix


  • Important Note: - Apps that DO NOT request or collect ANY student info, does not contain supplemental content, or require that they log in to the application to be able to use the program, are considered "Tools" and do NOT require the app to go through the approval process as it does not involve Student data or PII.

    *PII - Personally Identifiable Information

Requesting Apps to be Assigned (schoolwide, grade levels or group assignments)

  • Prior to requesting a tile to be assigned to a whole school, grade level or specific group, please always review the list of Approved Applications first to see if its been approved. If the application is NOT on the approved list, do NOT request the tile to be asigned as it will be denied until it has been approved, instead follow the procedures for the Requesting Approval Process instead.  

    *NOTE: All District Rostered Apps are automatically assigned to any user that is rostered and does NOT need to be requested!If the App is in the Approved App list below, but is NOT showing in ClassLink for users it is because it is not an auto-assigned tile (Ex: ClassDojo,, XtraMath, etc.).

    As a reminder, Individuals may add any approved apps for themselves simply by adding it fromthe Approved App libraryTo request a large scale assignment such as for All Staff, or for an entire grade level, please submit the ClassLink Tile Request form.  

Approved Applications

*PII = Personally Identifiable Information
Last Modified on April 10, 2024