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    Welcome to Leon County Schools Board's Small Business Enterprise website. The Small Business Enterprise (SBE) office was established to support innovative strategies to promote small business participation throughout the many opportunties at Leon County Schools.  The SBE strategies are to provide education, training, networking and mentoring opportunities for vendors and contractors providing construction and non-construction services and products.

    The staff of the SBE office will provide assistance to local small business owner(s) in becoming qualified and certified to conduct business, not only with the Leon County School Board, but other local agencies, as well. This office will work with School Administrators and District Managers to promote awareness of Local Small Businesses for respective services for procurement.

    We are looking forward to helping grow and develop your business into a SUCCESS with Leon County Schools. 


SBE Vendor Certification Criteria

    • Applicant owner(s) must provide a copy of the Vendor Status Application submitted to Leon County Schools Purchasing/Finance Department to become an approved vendor with Leon County Schools. This form must be remitted to the LCS Purchasing department for processing.
    • The Certification application is required to be completed in its entirity and must be notarized. Unanswered questions may be grounds for certification denial. If the question does not apply to your firm, then mark the question N/A.
    • Majority owner(s) must reside and the business must currently be located in the Leon, Gadsden, Jefferson, or Wakulla Counties (Local Market Area), Florida, for at least six (6) months.
    • Majority owner(s) must be a United States Citizen, or lawfully admitted permanent resident of the United States of America.
    • Applicant owner(s) business must be a "For Profit" business concern; legally structured either as a corporation, organized under laws of the State of Florida, or a partnership, sole proprietorship, limited liability corporation (LLC), or other business or professional entity as required by Florida Law.
    • Applicant owner(s) business must be an independent firm and not an affiliated, front, façade, broker, or pass through.
    • Applicant owner(s) business must currently be licensed as required by local, state, and federal law; and must be engaging in commercial transactions typical of the field, with customers in the local market area other than state of government agencies, for each specialty area in which Certification is sought. Furthermore, if a supplier, the business must be making sales regularly from goods maintained in stock. Provide current documentation of your firm's Florida license(s) to business (i.e. occupational, professional, or business registration).
    • Applicant owner(s) business annual gross receipts on average, over the immediately preceding three (3) year period, shall not exceed $2,000,000.00/year. Provide the three (3) most current business tax returns for the past three (3) years in business. To qaulify as a SBE, you must submit copies of your business tax returns and all related schedules for the last three (3) years. The corresponding forms are: Sole Proprietorship: Form 1040 and Schedule C; Corporation: Form 1120 and Form 1040; Partnership: Form 1065 and Form 1040.
    • Applicant owner(s) is required by Leon County Schools' policy to provide copies of the certificate showing the Type of Insurance and coverage limitations held by the firm. The respective insurance coverage will be required based on the specific type of service activity or commodity your firm provides for the District. The types of insurance includes liability coverage(s), workers' compensation, property, automobile, and professional. All insurance forms must list Leon County Schools as additionally insured on the insurance certificate(s).
    • Applicant owner(s) business must employ 15 or fewer full-time or part-time employees, including leased employees to qualify as a SBE vendor.
    • If your firm is a corporation, provide letters of incorporation. If your firm is a partnership, provide signed partnership agreement.
    • Applicant owner(s) must provide current copies of Small Business Enterprise Certification(s) from all local entities, if applicable.
    • Applicant owner(s) must provide copies of firm's stock certificate(s) and stock transfer agreement(s).
    • Once all of your firm's required documentation have been recieved and verified, a two (2) year Small Business Enterprise Certificate validating certification will be issued to your business from Leon County Schools.

Vendor Re-Certification Criteria

  • LCS SBE Re-Certification Criteria

    Current Leon County Schools Small Business Vendors who wish to remain a certified Small Business Vendor with the Leon County School Board are required to complete the Re-Certification Application for the renewal of vendor certification status. The Re-Certification will give SBE Owners the advantage of being a part of upcoming projects and economic opportunities for the District.

    Vendor whose certification is expired will have approximately 10 business days to complete the application and submit the forms to the Small Business Enterprise Office for processing. If Vendors fail to complete and submit the application it shall result in the removal of the business from the certified Small Business Vendors list with Leon County Schools.

    Once we have received and verified your company's information, a (2) two-year Small Business Certificate will be issued from Leon County Schools.

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