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  • LCS's Digital Platforms Status Dashboard

    If you are suddenly experiencing issues accessing any of your digital platforms (ClassLink, Canvas, Zoom), please check their status below first to see if the platform is having known trouble before calling the LCS Call Center.

    • Normal Status - 

      • [GREEN Status] - If the platforms status is marked as All Systems Operational and you are still having issues, then please call the LCS Call Center (487-7260) so we can assist you. 

    • Trouble Status - 

      • [YELLOW or RED STATUS] If the platform is showing as having an issue, then there is no need to call as the issue is occouring with the platform itself and is being worked on, this means that it is not your account or computer so we are unable to assist troubleshooting until the platform has been returned to its normal operational status.


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Cobb Middle School Kindness Wall

  • Our Cobb Middle School Kindness Wall by "You Uplift" is a kindness web app that allows students to submit positive messages and, once approved, the messages to be publicly displayed. When students practice acts of kindness they are developing positive relationships and making friends, by cooperating and interacting with others. They will be able to see the immediate rewards for their actions, as students will celebrate the positive outcomes of kindness.

    ”The wall helps to shine a light on the kindness around us that helps to make our day positive.”

    Click on the image below to access the kindness wall and public messages. 


    Kindness GIF - Kindness SpreadTheKindness Kind - Discover & Share GIFs

Online Spirit Store

  • FortifyFL is a suspicious activity reporting tool that allows you to instantly relay information to appropriate law enforcement agencies and school officials.

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