How to Download ZOOM Recording from the Cloud

How to download Zoom Recordings from the Cloud

Technology and Information Services (TIS) would like to inform all Zoom users of an upcoming change that is necessary to maintain optimal performance. Since the start of school, more than 130,000 Zoom meetings have been held with over 26,500 meetings recorded. For teachers choosing to use the recording option, it provides a meaningful way for students who miss the class to catch up later. However, such a large number of recordings leads to strain on our systems and can clutter up the student experience in Canvas.

To that end, a recording retention policy will be put into place effective November 3, 2020. All recordings will auto-delete after 30 days. If you would like to permanently save a recording(s), please refer to the download instructions. See Download instructions guide here

If you would like to tidy up your recordings now, you may use the following steps:

  1. Login to Canvas
  2. Select your course
  3. Click Zoom
  4. Click Cloud Recordings
  5. Click the delete button by any old videos (alternatively: you may check any videos you don’t want and click delete selected, or delete all if you want to remove all past videos)