• Archive Gradebook Archives

    Note:  These archives are not available to the general public, or general employees. These Zip archives are located on a SharePoint server and will require you sign into the server prior to being able to see these files.  If you fail to sign in, then you will not be able to see or access the files.  Once you access the Zip archives, you will be required to download the file locally and extract the zip prior to attempting to access the actual files within the archives.  SOME of these archives are very large (40+Mb) and will take up to 20 minutes to fully extract depending on your machine.
    The only people able to access these archives are the following individuals:
    1. School Principal
    2. School APC/APA
    3. School Registrar
    4. School Techcon

     If you are a teacher and need to access your previous years grades for a specific reason, please contact one of the individuals listed above for your school.

Last Modified on August 1, 2018