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    The purpose of this document is to provide information to District decision makers regarding the need for a project to select and implement a system to replace the Leon County School’s Student Information System (SIS). The executive summary provides historical information on SIS, describes why a replacement is needed, and defines the high-level need, objectives and scope for a possible replacement project. The sections following the executive summary outline proposed project governance, project management strategies and controls that LCS can use in the course of a phased selection and replacement project.

    Strategic Business Drivers

    The forces urging us forward are particularly strong at this time. These are the primary business drivers:

    • Changing K-12 education environment
    • Loss of vendor support
      • Declining use at peer districts
      • Dated technology
      • Staffing concerns
    • Opportunities presented by new technology
    • User support for change
    These business drivers push us forward from a risk and compliance standpoint, and/or pull us forward from an opportunity standpoint. Student Information Systems play key roles in fulfilling our mission and in meeting the strategic initiatives of the District.

    Project Vision

    Provide a transparent, accountable and representative process to evaluate and select a new student information system for Leon County Schools, that takes into account the future business and technical needs of the district, student, faculty and staff.

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