Contract Administration

  • The Contract Administration group within Business Services has created a new process for the administration of contracts and agreements. We plan to slowly begin phasing in this new process starting with contracts and agreements that require the review or approval of the School Board. At this time construction contracts, grant applications, and all PTSAs are being excluded from these changes.

    Currently, LCS Program Areas (District Departments and Schools) are responsible for managing contracts with their vendor partners.  Moving forward, the Contract Administration group will assist and support all LCS programs by:

    • Drafting LCS contracts;
    • Working with vendors on finalizing contractual language;
    • Facilitating legal review;
    • Submitting contracts to BoardDocs; and
    • Maintaining the official contract file.

    Looking to the future, we are developing a new District contract template, agreement template, updating the current PTSA document, and creating training and tools for District contract managers.

    New Contract Review Process

    Impacts: All contracts and agreements requiring School Board review or approval

    Excluded: Construction contracts, grant applications, and PTSAs

     The first change we would like to implement is focused on contracts with the highest dollar value and lowest volume. All contracts and agreements requiring Board approval will move through a supported review process. While this does represent a change, our goal is to make the contracting process simpler for District staff. We want to serve as the District’s contracting liaisons, allowing District Departments to focus on their areas of expertise without the burden of drafting contracts or acting as middlemen between vendors and attorneys. We know that dealing with small print and terms and conditions can be frustrating, and we want to help!

    Program Areas will begin sending all contracts and agreements requiring Board approval to the Contract Administration team at Our team will help facilitate the new process, alleviating the Program Areas from this responsibility.

    Contracting Process

    1. The Program Area will work through any internal review of the purchase, such as the Department Director.
    2. After ensuring the purchase is appropriate, follows all required procurement laws/rules/policies, and is ready to finalize, the Program Area will send the draft contract or agreement to Susan Miles.
    3. Susan will assign an LCS contract number, add the contract to our new contract tracking system, and start the official contract file.
    4. Susan and Kasey Bickley will review the contract and work with the vendor and Program Area on any questions, concerns, or necessary changes to protect the Program Area and the District and allow the District to hold the vendor accountable.
    5. Once these changes have been made, the contract will be sent by Contract Administration to the Board Attorney for legal review.
    6. We will work with the vendor and the Board Attorney to finalize any contractual language issues and include the Program Area in all emails and discussions. After the contract is signed, we know that the Program Area will be the one working closely with the vendor. Our goal is to take on some contract-specific functions while including the Program Area in the communications, not cut the Program Area out of the process.
    7. Once the document is finalized, Contract Administration will submit it through BoardDocs to be added to the Board agenda.
    8. Once signed, Contract Administration will provide a signed original to the vendor, a signed copy to the Program Area, and will retain the original for LCS in the official contract file. 
  • Contract Administration

    Kasey Kirkland
    Director of Business Services
    (850) 717-2280
    Shelley Kelley
    Contract Administration Coordinator
    We look forward to working together as a team to introduce meaningful change and give Program Areas back time to focus on their core mission!

Last Modified on February 9, 2023