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    FSC Concepts

    No Substitute provider designation for supply chain support for Nutrition Services.  Unlimited execution of the USDA commodity planning model as menu changes dictate to include menu analysis and review for all processed items K-12.   Enhancements to the model as USDA or FDACS evaluations dictate.  On site meetings.  Maintenance of current USDA food tracking documentation model.  Monitoring and reporting on reconciliation or discrepancy issues between WBSCM, K12 and PL data.  Recommendations/proposals for efficient usage of USDA foods utilizing the FSC database tools.
    8/19/19 8/28/2019 jk

    Brooks Building Solutions

    No Substitute provider designation for Brooks Building Solutions to provide a legacy model Daikin Applied Air Cooled Chiller model #AWV014A.
    11/1/18 11/12/18 jk
    Lincoln Electric Company
    No Substitute provider designation for Lincoln Electric VRTEX® 360 virtual reality arc welding system for Lively Technical Center's Welding Program.
     10/07/16 10/17/16  rjh 
    Carrier Enterprise, LLC

    No Substitute provider designation for Carrier Enterprise, LLC to provide a new air conditioning unit on the rooftop of the Leon High School auditorium.

     8/12/16  8/23/16  jk
    Bluegrass Technologies LLC

    Sole Source provider designation for Bluegrass Technologies LLC to provide new equipment and service on Festo Didactic Lab-Volt series educational training stations.

     7/13/16 7/26/16  jk
    Nelson and Company Engineered Equipment

    No Substitute provider designation for the replacement of the existing Desert Aire dehumidification split system water cooled heat pump equipment at Chaires Elementary.

     4/29/16 5/10/16  jk
    Simplex Grinnell
    Sole Source provider designation for Simplex Grinnell for the provision of fire alarm inspection, installation and maintenance services on Simplex fire alarm systems.
    3/11/16  3/22/16  jk 
    Liburdi Dimetrics Corporation
    Sole Source designation for Liburdi Dimetrics Corporation to supply equipment, parts, technical support and maintenance for the Liburdi Gold Track III welding equipment.
     9/18/15 9/29/15  jk
    Mustang Dynamometer
    Sole provider designation for Edu-Tech Chassis Dynamometer and associated vehicle simulation training equipment and service for which the Board has previously purchased and established a standard.
    7/30/2015   8/11/2015  jk
    United Solutions Company
    Digitization of microfilm using the oscFile software tools to seamlessly integrate into existing student record database using the same naming convention and formatting.
     5/12/2015 5/20/2015   jk
    Expansion, local monitoring & support of the LCSB Two-Way Radio System architecture
     1/11/2013  1/21/2013  jk
    ICC Thermal Mapping & Surveying
    Aerial Infrared Based Roof Moisture Detection Surveying
     1/26/2012  2/3/2012  jk