• Professional Technical Service Agreement (PTSA) is a contract that is executed for on-site professional and/or technical services with companies or  individuals  that are not current or recent employees of the District.  Schools, departments and various programs within schools and departments often use professional services in areas of special needs which require individuals/companies who are trained, certified, licensed or who have expertise and experience in areas where there is no in-house staff to perform these services.

    Listed below is an abbreviated list of some (not all) of the services used by the school district which should be contracted through a PTSA:

    • On Site Staff Development
    • Computer Consulting/Programming/Network Services/Database Management
    • Advertising Services
    • Web Design Services
    • Parenting Workshops
    • Psychological Services
    • Guidance and Social Work
    • Occupational Therapy
    • Speech, Language and Hearing Services
    • Motivational Speaking/Entrepreneur Workshops
    • Tutoring
    • Story Telling
    • Face Painting
    • Disc Jockeys
    • Dance/Drums/Band/Gymnastics Instruction
    • Music Training/Music Lessons/Choral
    • Vocal/Instrument Lessons


    Contracts must be approved by the Director of Purchasing prior to services being provided. A PTSA must be completed by the requesting department or school and forwarded to the Purchasing Department. Proof of Liability Insurance must be provided with the PTSA or a waiver must be submitted. If the services provided under a PTSA are anticipated to exceed $50,000.00 in a fiscal year, the PTSA must be presented to the School Board for approval.

    All PTSA contracts must be signed by the vendor, the School Principal/Site Director and the appropriate School Director or Assistant Superintendent. The Purchasing Director will provide the final review/approval prior to the issuance of a purchase order.
    PTSA contracts may not cross fiscal years with the exception of summer EDEP programs and contracts that are funded by grant monies with deadlines for encumbrance/expenditure which extend beyond June 30th.

    Services requiring a PTSA should not be paid for using a district purchasing card in order to circumvent the contract process. 

    In addition, please note:

    • Current employees may NOT be hired as consultants with the District utilizing a PTSA.
    • Consulting services may NOT be started until after the PTSA has been executed and approved by the appropriate district personnel and a purchase order has been issued.