Wellness Week March 8-12

  • In times of uncertainty, unpredictability, and potentially overwhelming stress, it is especially important to deliberately pause to identify resources and activities that can help us maintain our physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Superintendent Hanna and the entire LCS family understands that the 2020-2021 school year has presented challenges to students, teachers, and families.  Students are experiencing increased levels of anxiety and depression due to having to maneuver through new ways of learning and attempting to stay connected with others while also social distancing. 

    Our next Wellness Week will be March 8-12 and will be our second district-wide Wellness initiative.  Schools will take a break from academics to focus on wellness in preparation for our spring break.  Our schools, through this countywide effort, will engage students and staff in activities that focus on stress and dealing with test anxiety, mindfulness and creating a Spring Break Self-Care Plan.   Together, we can equip our students with strategies and activities that promote overall wellness, so they return ready to learn! 

    Families, we would love for you to engage your students about these important topics.  Below is a Newsletter that will guide you through discussing wellness topics and includes the videos that your child might have watched at school.  Finally, we are asking that students submit artwork that reflect mental health and wellness to be futured during the week. (See the flyer below) 

    Elementary School Wellness Week Family Newsletter 

    Middle School Wellness Week Family Newsletter

    High School Wellness Week Family Newsletter

    Leon High School's Wellness Video