Payroll Department

  • Welcome to the Payroll Department, a division of the Chief Financial Office.  Our goal is to provide excellent, accurate, and timely customer service to our employees.   

Contact Information

  • Phone Number: (850) 487-7270   
    Fax Number: (850) 414-5131    
    Gillian Jones
    Payroll Analyst
    Bookkeeper Training
    Hourly and Student OPS
    (850) 487-7271 

    Johnna Keel

    Payroll Analyst
    Instructional Analyst (A-L)
    (850) 487-7272
    Lisa Wallenfelsz
    Payroll Analyst
    Instructional Analyst (M-Z)
    (850) 487-7183
    Danielle Morris
    Payroll Analyst
    Non-Instructional Analyst (A-L)
    (850) 487-7169
    Ericka Ravenel
    Payroll Analyst
    Non-Instructional Analyst (M-Z)
    (850) 487-7172

Assistant Payroll Supervisor


Last Modified on May 19, 2021