Equity and Diversity Department

  • EqDiv Logo Equity and Diversity is charged with the responsibility of eliminating all forms of discrimination and putting measures in place to create equitable opportunities for all groups. It fosters open and inclusive employment practices and policies that helps to attract and retain a quality staff representative of all groups within our community of stakeholders. Similarly, one of the cornerstones of this office is to create a respectful culture that values the diversity of everyone in the Leon County School System so that employees can work productively and students can achieve at their maximum potential. The office of Equity and Diversity maintains a transparent process that responds appropriately to the needs and aspiration of all students, parents and employees within the Leon County School system.


    Intervention Services number one priority this year is to surpress school bullying. Please see below for links to helpful videos:


  • To Report Abuse Call DCF Hotline at 1-(800)-692-2873.

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  • Sexual Harassment video training

    For sexual Harassment video training for administration and teachers sign up at professional learning “Leon LEADS - PD Registration & Evaluation “ click here. https://www.leonschools.net/LeonLEADS

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Equity and Diversity Contact

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    Kathleen L. Rodgers, Ph.D.
    Assistant Superintendent
    Prevention, Intervention and Equity

Equity & Diversity Staff

Equity & Diversity Sexual Harassment Training

Student Code of Conduct