Student Progression Plan

  • Leon County Schools has established a comprehensive program of study that includes standards for evaluating student performance; specific levels of achievement in English language arts, mathematics, science and social studies for each grade level; levels of performance on statewide assessments; and promotion requirements from grade to grade, K-12. This comprehensive program includes state and federal requirements as well as district-level standards of performance.


    Though every effort is made to address state statute and federal mandates, it is possible that answers may not be found in this document. These omissions are not to be construed as Leon County Schools granting permission for issues not covered in the Student Progression Plan. Clarification on these types of issues are available through school principals and curriculum teams, as well as from district staff.

    2023-24 Student Pupil Progression Plan

Annual Student Progression Report

  • Florida Statute § 1008.25(8)(b), requires each school board to annually publish on the district website and in the local newspaper the following information:


    1. The district’s school board policies and procedures on student promotion and retention.
    2. By grade, the number and percentage of all students in grades 3 through 10 performing at Levels 1 and 2 on the statewide, standardized English Language Arts (ELA) assessment.
    3. By grade, the number and percentage of all students retained in kindergarten through grade 10.
    4. Information on the total number of third grade students promoted for good cause, by category of good cause, as specified by law.
    5. Any revisions to the district’s school board’s policies and procedures on student promotion and retention from the previous year.


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Last Modified on March 25, 2024