• Topics in Required Instruction (1003.42, F.S.)

    The state of Florida authorizes course standards, course descriptions, and topics that must be covered within the articulated system of student progression. Course descriptions provide a topical and curricular overview specific to a course a student may encounter during their progression through the public education system. Course standards outline the student performance expectations associated with particular courses. 1003.42, F.S., adds to these a list of topical curricular ideas that, while not specific to a single particular course, are mandated for inclusion within the general curriculum for all students.

    To read 1003.42, F.S., review the Online Sunshine link HERE.

    On this web page, LCS Academic Services provides links and previews to the public so that our community may have access to items provided as resources for implementing required instructional topics. Please note that this list may not be exhaustive of all items used to meet the intent of 1003.42, F.S.


FLDOE Required Instruction Reporting Portal

Human Growth and Development

  • Human Growth and Development, outlined topically in 1003.42(1)(b), (2)(n)(1-3), (3) , F.S., is instructed through officially-adopted and standards-aligned materials for courses in science and biology and supplemented as necessary by the vetted resources housed within LCS Canvas. The link below provides a public preview of this content, including the parent opt-out letter. At each site, the process for opting a student out of this course of study will be initiated by the distribution of the opt-out letter. Letters will be returned to the site within a specified period of time before the curriculum is taught so that students whose families have opted them out will have an alternate plan of study.

    6 -12 Human Growth & Development Lessons

    4th & 5th Grade Human Growth & Development Lessons


Last Modified on May 15, 2023