• Advanced Degree Supplement Pay

    for Instructional Personnel hired after July 1, 2011


    The 2011 SB 736 Student Success Act addresses salary supplements for advanced degrees in the educator’s area of certification. The exact language reads as follows: “A District school board may not use advanced degrees in setting a salary schedule for instructional personnel or school administrators hired on or after July 1, 2011, unless the advanced degree is held in the individual’s area of certification and is only a salary supplement.”

    The advanced degree supplement is not considered part of base pay.

     Employees Who Hold an Advanced Degree

    ~  To determine eligibility for an Advanced Degree Supplement, please refer to the DOE approved Guide to Acceptable Majors for Educator Certification Specialization (the DOE approved Guide is subject to change without notice).  If you have earned an advanced degree find the acceptable major in the right column of the chart.    The certification coverage that corresponds to it will be found in the left column of the chart.  If you hold this certification you may be eligible for the supplement.  

    ~  If you hold an advanced degree from an accredited College of Education and hold certification coverage that aligns with the advanced degree, you may be eligible for the appropriate supplement (Master's, Specialist, Doctorate).

    ~  Non-specific degree majors such as Curriculum and Instruction, Education or Teaching and Learning  cannot be considered for Advanced Degree Pay unless they specify an area of concentration that matches the employee’s area of certification on their Florida Teaching Certificate.

    Employees Who Do Not Hold an Advanced Degree

    ~ If you are considering obtaining an advanced degree, please refer to the DOE approved Guide to Acceptable Majors for Educator Certification Specialization to determine if the major you choose is currently eligible for an Advanced Degree Supplement**.  Find your area of certification or an area in which you would like to hold certification in the Florida Certification Coverage column on the left of the chart.  The acceptable degree majors that are eligible for the supplement are listed in the right column labeled Frequently Acceptable Degree Major(s).

    ~  You may also seek an advanced degree from an accredited College of Education that aligns with your certification (ex. Master's in Teaching Science and a Certification in Biology).  Please note that a few certification subjects have only one degree major option.  You may also find it helpful to view all universities that offer Florida DOE state-approved programs.

    ~  Should you have any questions or need additional information, please contact your Human Resources Instructional/Certification point of contact (Barbara Cutchins, Kia Rhynes, or Melanie Richardson).


    ** In order to receive an Advanced Degree Supplement an official transcript must be submitted, your degree must be conferred, your major must be found on the current DOE approved Guide to Acceptable Majors for Educator Certification or be from an accredited College of Education, and you must hold the Florida Certification Coverage listed for your major on the DOE approved guide.  Additionally, supporting coursework must always be reviewed before final determination of acceptance.

    Please note that both the language and intent of the legislation are precise and clear that the advanced degree must be in a subject shown on the certificate to award the supplement.  Therefore, in order to comply with the Student Success Act, a general graduate degree such as Curriculum and Instruction, which does not "match" any of the certification subjects, would not be acceptable, unless the transcript identified a major or specialization in the teacher's certification subject (e.g., Mathematics, English, French, Elementary Education, etc.)

    Advanced Degree Supplement Amounts (only one supplement paid for the highest degree)

    Master's - $1,800

    Ed. Specialist - $3,600

    Doctorate - $5,400




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