• The Warehouse purchases, inventories, and distributes the supplies used in classrooms and offices throughout the District. The department services over 70 locations and delivers all supplies, as well as the district’s inter-department and external mail. The department successfully provides care, service, and commitment to our daily operations in warehouse and material management, mail, and courier services.

    Types of School Supply Orders:

    • Online Skyward requisition
    • Pickups/deliveries (between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.)
    • Telephone emergency only for immediate pickup/delivery

Mail Operations

  • Warehouse couriers are responsible for the distribution of all inbound and outbound school mail, inter-department mail and external mail. Mail service is provided to all schools and locations on a daily basis.

    Three (3) regular routes are run across the District each day. The department successfully provides fast and accurate pickup and delivery of all mail. In addition the Warehouse:

    • Provides pickups and deliveries to over 70 locations.

    • Operates sorting and distribution center for the daily US mail pick up by FSU.

    • Operates sorting and distribution center for all inter-department mail and packages.

    • Certified mail pick up/delivery.

    • FEDEX/UPS/DHL central delivery and distribution.

    • Purchasing support for early/delayed shipments/storage/delivery.

    • School support for deliveries too big for site delivery.

    • Bulk mail support to all schools and departments.