• Each school or department is responsible for checking materials for shortages upon delivery. If the order cannot be checked at the time of delivery, it must be checked within three working days and any discrepancies reported to the Warehouse at once. The Warehouse cannot be responsible for discrepancies after three working days has lapsed. During the first two weeks of school, seven days will be allowed to report discrepancies.


  • Warehouse Inventory Returns are processed in the Skyward System as follows:

    1. Select - Inventory from the Financial Main Menu
    2. Select - Return Items Received and press Add
    3. Type - Requisition Number and press Enter
    4. Select – by Highlighting the item to be returned
    5. Input - quantity to be returned
    6. Return Type: MUST Select Return to Warehouse “Do Not Reorder” (to avoid a duplicate order)
    7. Type explanation for the return and press Save