Need to Verify your Identity?

Portal asking you to verify your identity?

If you create a new Focus Parent Portal Acct and after logging in you see the alert below (in the yellow box) indicating that you need to visit the school and verify your identity, please contact your child's school to make arrangements to update or provide your contact information in the system. 

This normally occurs because the information on file with the school needs to be validated and updated as there is either incorrect, outdated, or missing information on your student's contact records. 

There are three (3)  things that need to be validated and verified as accurate before your access can be turned on to see you child's information:

  1. Your contact information corrected -  (Name, Address, Phone #'s [work, home, or cell] and that the correct name is under the correct contact label (Meaning the Mother's info is under Mother and father's info is under Father and not reversed by accident or under some other label such as relative)
  2. Blank Contact information updated  - Sometimes a student is missing all contact information from the student's contact record.  This requires all Parent or Guardian information to be updated. 
  3. Custody is correctly marked for both Mother and Father.  Sometimes the custody status was not correctly enabled.  This is a good time to also make sure you are marked for Emergency and Pickup permissions as well.
  4. Your Portal Acct is "Enabled" - Once the above info is verified and corrected, the acct must then be enabled by the School before it will allow the parent to see the information.

If you have children at more than one school, please make sure that information is updated for each of your children at each school.

Identity Verfication