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New LCS Student? Enroll Online!

  • Enrollment

    Is your child currently attending a Leon County School?
    This includes LCS Charter schools: School of Arts and Sciences (Centre and Thomasville), Tallahassee School of Math and Science, Governors Charter Academy.

    You do NOT need to enroll your student online.

    Online Registration is for NEW students and only applies for children NOT currently enrolled in any Leon County School. 

    Parents of children who have previously attended an LCS School prior to 2015 but not in the years following are encouraged to complete Online Registration.

  • Scenario #1: Enrolling your child if your new to LCS schools

    Step 1: Create Portal Account 

    In order to enroll any new student online, you will first need to create a Parent Portal Account by going to the Parent Portal Registration and selecting "I DO NOT have an account Registered".  Then Fill out your name, email address and password you wish to use for your Parent Portal account.  PLEASE NOTE:  currently the wording on the link is inacurrate and includes the wording "...but my child is actively enrolled"  please ignore this and click this link to create your account. we are working on resolving this misworded link.

    Step 2: Verify Email recieved-

    Verify your newly created by clicking the link in the email you recieved at the email address you just provided.  It will activate your new account and take you back to the Parent Portal Registration page for your students.

    Step 3:  Access Online Application
    Select the "I would like to APPLY FOR ENROLLMENT for a new child" link on the Students page shown below

    Parent Portal Registration screen

    Step 4: Complete Application

    Once you open the Online registration form, ensure that you COMPLETLY fill out the online registration prior to attempting to enroll any additional children to prevent errors.  For additional children, simply click the link again.

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  • Scenario #2: Enrolling a younger sibling when you already have a child in an LCS school (Ex: Kindergartener)

    Step 1: Log into Existing Portal Account 

    If you already have a Parent Portal account for an older student that is already enrolled in a LCS school, simply log into the Parent Portal with your existing Parent Portal acct

    Step 2: Log into Existing Portal Account 

    Use the Online Registration Application to enroll the younger sibling child in LCS schools for the first time.  The form is found inside the Parent Portal by clicking on Forms on your Parent Portal menu.  

     Forms Online Application Location

    Step 3: Complete online application in entirety 

    Please make sure you read any on-screen instructions very carefully before starting any application to prevent potential enrollment errors. 

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Focus Parent Portal Instructional Videos

  • Focus Parent Portal - Register your Acct

    Welcome to the new Focus Parent Portal. This video is a walk-through on how to register your new account using your Parent Portal Letter, add additional children to your account, and some important pieces f information you need to check once you first log in to ensure all of your contact information is accurate

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Portal Acct Registered? Log in here

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Contact Info Alert!!

  • Has Your Contact Info Changed recently?
    Is your Contact Information Missing?
    Is your Emergency Info correct?
    Let Us Know!!

    In an emergency, we need to be able to contact you about your child and their well being -
    We are finding that many of our parents - 

    • Have not updated their child's parental contact information.
    • Do not have any contact information on file at all.

    Please contact your child's school  and update the following with the registrar:

    Your Name:
    Current Telephone Number**:
    Current Home Address:
    Current Email Address:
    Any other relevant or important information:

    ** IMPORTANT NOTE: This telephone number will be used to make LCS Autodialed calls.  If your primary phone is a cell phone, you are agreeing to receive Autodialed calls on your cell. 
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