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LCS Delays All online FSA Testing

All Online FSA Testing Delayed Until Further Notice

Today, Superintendent Pons sent a letter to Commissioner Stewart at the Florida Department of Education.   The letter addresses issues and problems being experienced throughout the state in regards to the online version of the FSA testing.   Superintendent Pons has decided to delay administering the test until assurances are given by the Department of Education that the test will be able to be administered without problems or cause for concern.   Testing will continue in those cases where the test is being completed with paper and pencil--sixth and seventh grade.


Dear Commissioner Stewart:

As you are aware, the Florida Standards Assessment managed by the American Institute of Research encountered multiple technical issues today. It is my understanding that several districts experienced issues with:

  • Test Administrator log-in
    • Inability of test administrators to log in and create state-required “Session Id’s”
  • Student Data Integrity Issues
    • “Bumping” students from their test session after they have been working for an extended period of time
  • Secure Browser Issues
    • Inability to access the secure browser
  • Bandwidth speed
    • Slow log in and testing experience for students

Consequently, Leon County Schools will continue to delay the implementation of the computer-based testing until we receive assurances that these issues have been remedied by the Department of Education.


Jackie Pons
Superintendent of Schools
Leon County