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First Responder's Appreciation Day

First Responder's Appreciation Day 

On Friday, February 5th, Leon County Schools will honor and thank first responders for their commitment and dedication to protecting our community. The second annual First Resonders Appreciation Day will welcome these individuals to our campuses for a free lunch and fellowship. The School Board passed an official proclamation in honor of the day's events:

From The School Board of Leon County, Florida


WHEREAS, first responders include law enforcement officers, firefighters, and EMTs who are sworn to serve and protect the citizens of their community; and

WHEREAS, first responders routinely place themselves in harm’s way in the performance of their duty; and

WHEREAS, the health and safety of Leon County, Florida, depends on the high level of courage, skill, and commitment of its first responders; and

WHEREAS, Governor Rick Scott recently proclaimed January 4-8, 2016, as Florida First Responder Appreciation Week;
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that we, as Superintendent of Leon County Schools and Chair of the Leon County School Board, do hereby proclaim February 5th, 2016 as First Responder Appreciation Day throughout our School District, and will welcome local first responders to our schools to continue to serve as role models, build constructive relationships, and inspire young people.
TO WITNESS WHEREOF, we, the Superintendent of Schools and Board Chair for the School District of Leon County, Florida, have hereunto set our hands this 26th day of January, 2016: