Department of Small Business Enterprise

  • ***ATTENTION: SBE VENDORS -Please view the "Construction & Facilities Contracting" and "Active & Upcoming Bids" links on the LCS Purchasing Website for potential opportunities***

    Welcome to Leon County Schools Board's Small Business Enterprise website. The Small Business Enterprise (SBE) office was established to support innovative strategies to promote small business participation throughout the many opportunities at Leon County Schools and the community.  The SBE strategies are to provide education, training, networking and mentoring opportunities for vendors and contractors providing construction and non-construction services and products.

    The staff of the SBE office will provide assistance to local small business owner(s) in becoming qualified and certified to conduct business, not only with the Leon County School Board, but other local agencies, as well. This office will work with School Administrators and District Managers to promote awareness of Local Small Businesses for respective services for procurement.

    We are looking forward to helping grow and develop your business into a SUCCESS with Leon County Schools. 


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