Assistant Superintendent Billy Epting

  • The Office of Academic Services serves as the foundation for instruction in Leon County Schools. The department supports teachers and administrators through strategic professional development, on-site support for teachers, analysis and distribution of assessment results, and the dissemination of information about state legislative initiatives. Assistant Superintendent Billy Epting and his staff have made it their mission to serve as an integral part of each institution in the district, providing whatever services are needed to ensure that Leon County Schools’ students receive the best education possible.

    Billy Epting comes from a family of educators.  His father, mother, and paternal grandparents were career educators in Duval County.  Mr. Epting began working in public schools in 1986. He has been a teacher, coach, assistant principal, principal, and district level administrator in multiple districts in Florida. Most recently he served as the principal of Leon High School and Director of Elementary Schools. His current areas of supervision include Testing, School Improvement, Professional Learning, and Curriculum Services.